11 November 2009

Speed Queen

Today we were forced to wash out clothes at the dreaded laundry mat. Or as Oscar calls it, 'the dirty mat'. Our well water has been off for some time and with that entails, week old dirty clothes, boiling water and bought gallon waters. It will soon be better, hopefully. *sigh*
So, that is where we met up with Speed Queen. She washes clothes in 35 minutes!

speed queen

We were grateful to run into some friends who happily washed clothes with us. After our 'chores' we walked to the cafe and had some pick me ups. So, as un-fun as it is to have to go to the laundry mat, we in turn had a lovely day. Sometimes a little tweak in your daily task can turn out to be just what you need.


We picked up Crafting Fun: 101 Things to Make and Do with Kids from our neighborhood library, and I have been really diggin it! It's a craft book broken down into seasonal chapters. We dove right into making a clementine pomander.
I love this book because there are cute, simple projects that Oscar can conquer alone or that I can sit with him.

a's orange


Come back to see what we create for the wintering birds!


  1. love the bird feeder and the beaded twine (?) you used... I love all that you and Oscar do... you inspire me to craft with my kids! Thank you!

  2. mmm... I can smell the orange and cloves from here! I am glad to read your day had a happy twist : )
    Many warm wishes!