21 April 2009

Farmer Oscar

This interview was taken from the voice recorder in the afternoon
of March 10th 2009 at our home.

Me: Could you please state your full name for us?

O: Oscar Beacham, (spells) OSPUR

Me: What do you call yourself?

O: Farmer Oscar

Me: How long have you been farming, Farmer Oscar?

O: Um, 5 days

Me: wow, that's a long time to be farming,
and what are you going to have on your farm?

O: I'm going to have sheep and a horse, a plain white horse.
I'm gonna talk in this for a second,
I've been a farmer for 5 days (into the mic)

Me: what do you plan to do with your sheep?

O: I'm going to get wool from them, I'm going to put it around me and make clothes out of them

Me: tell me about your barn

O: I'm not going to build it because it takes too much time, I'm going to have someone
build it for me
I'm gonna do a bird sound, tweet tweet tweet (into mic again)

Me: who is going to live in your barn?

O: it's going to hold my sheep and my horse

Me: and you're going to build a fenced area

O: yep

Me: what are you going build your fence out of

O: fence

Me: are you planning on having chickens?

O: yes, and they are going to lay me eggs

Me: is there anything else you want to tell us about your farm?

O: Yes, I want to have a bell intervention....(don't ask)

Me: what do you plan on doing tomorrow?

O: I'm planning on getting my farm house tomorrow
and getting my horse tomorrow

Me: So you need to build a fence today?

O: yep

Me: ok
what does your horse eat?

O: they eat hay

Me: are you planning on feeding them and giving them fresh water everyday?

O: yep

Me: do you plan on having dogs on your farm?

O: yes, Sally and another dog named Camelia-after-all

Me: Well, Oscar thanks for taking your time out for this interview today.
love you

O: love you
love you ciao

I love this kid!

(for the record, he now knows his full name and can spell and write it)

17 April 2009

Spring, How I Love Thee

Oh Spring, how I love thee,
let me count thy ways

~gardening with my boys
~eating fresh fruit and veggies
~sitting outside, all. day. long.
~spring cleaning, purging the old
~picnics on the porch
~hanging clothes out to dry
~making smoothies
~watching the bare trees turn to green
~planting flowers

(can't wait for the pollen to clear!)

What do you love about Spring?

Stay tuned next week for an interview from Oscar!

peace love and all the good stuff

15 April 2009

More Creations

I love that my son loves to create. His mind can hatch an idea and off he goes into the unknown world of creation. He is very much like me. Getting super focused and very intense looking, his plan begins to unravel. Even though you may not see it right away, you will. He is learning patience even though he says he 'does not have any to give'.

I love this high concentration and usually always love the outcome, because it comes from within an innocence, of love, of kindness that only one can give if he is the beholder.

14 April 2009

Something Beautiful

the last orchid to bloom

Friends, have a lovely Tuesday


13 April 2009

Holiday Crafting

There has been much crafting around here of lately. Everyday it seems like there is a request, or two or three, to make something. Sometimes it's as simple as, let's paint or make a necklace.

Other times it's a more challenging task that is being asked and much more direction than I am willing to give at that moment. Or sometimes it can come just before bedtime, when the request is sometimes let go until the morning.

On this particular day, a simple request was made. Oscar had painted some eggs the day before. So when he asked to build an egg tree we did just that. Simple. We set out to find that perfect little branch to build us a tree.
Not knowing exactly what we were looking for, we picked several up that we fit for a table decoration. That would not do. We found one that was about 6 feet tall. Perfect.

Who knew there was so much involved to making an egg tree? You had to have a needle to poke through the styrofoam eggs, a drill for the wooden ones, scissors, tapestry needles, modeling clay and yarn.

We set the tree in a jug of marbles and added some modeling clay to help it stand up-right.

Sometimes if we surrender to our children, (and forget the dishes sitting in the sink),
that your day can be filled with such beauty.

And of course you couldn't have Easter without a proper egg hunt, and we did that morning. I would love to show pictures, but before heading to my parents home for lunch, I deleted all the pictures in my camera by accident! Uch, I was sick!
There were purposeful pictures left on my camera of O when he was a younger one.

(plus pictures from my photography class! opps!)
No sense in missing what is already lost.....so, onward me go.

Lesson learned.

I do however have one from an egg hunt at my folks house.

The night was complete with wine, bread, fruit and veggies with a very lovely gathering of women that lasted well into the night!

hope your weekend was full of family and friends and the ones you love dearly!


07 April 2009

Etsy Update

I have updated my esty, please come visit me here!

Wooo Hooo!

Have a sweet orange of a day!


06 April 2009

New Tires

I woke up to O this morning on the computer, he was painting, not checking his email!

I asked O what I should write about today, and he said riding bikes.


Especially since this morning we ventured out on this cool windy day and bought new tires for his bike. He rode from the bike shop, across downtown to the car and all day after returning home. Actually, we both did. We bundled up, and took us a ride around the hood.

He is thrilled to have his "new tire bike!"

Did you know how much fun glow sticks could be?

I certainly did not until last night!

O stumbled upon one of my stashes of surprises and found a container of glow sticks. He played with them awhile and by dark had hooked them all together.

A few minutes after announcing time for bath and bed, we were hooked!

We hola hooped, played ring me, frisbee, hung them as earrings. So, if you want to get your children all ralved (is this a word?) up before bedtime, pick up some glow sticks!

03 April 2009

Feeding the Soul Giveaway

I found this lovely little site with some lovely little giveaways, just click on the image

Have a lovely weekend.....I intend to spend it with the (big) birthday boy, my hubby!