21 February 2012

Taking it out

The weather here has been so beautiful that we have taken things outdoors.
I picked up an awesome rocking chair from someone getting rid it and
set it right out the front door.
While Zeke plays and eats grass, I knit and Oscar reads to us.

o rocking


As excited as I was for Winter to get here, I think I am ready for Spring!
till next time

17 February 2012

Sometimes it just feels right

Sometimes it just feels right to pack it up and get out of town.
And that's exactly what we did a couple weekends ago.
I didn't even bother packing everyone a separate bag,
I threw everyone's clothes (since they needed to be folded and put away anyway)
into a laundry basket complete with laptop, camera, knitting, snacks and
headed out.

packing it up

Before arriving at mom and dads we stopped off at a Creamery that just opened to buy some fresh milk, chocolate milk, peach ice cream and some beef.


The boys and I stole my mom for the day and did some local shopping and lunching!

book ma and o

zeke in window

I think it's about time for another visit!

10 February 2012