10 November 2013


 You are learning to use more words.
"Nono" is one of your favorites.
You hear it a lot from one of your brothers.
You like to have a seat on the floor for a snack.
You are my sweetheart!

 I got you a new drawing book.
How to draw Dragons.
You are totally immersed.
I adore all that you are...
You are my sweetheart!

Dear Giggles.
You played hard at the park this weekend.
And you jumped up on the big kid swings like you knew what you were doing.
I think it's the haircut, 
making you seem older.
You are my sweetheart!

My Love to you Always!

06 November 2013

Finding Joy

My little one got his 1st official hair cut.
At the Barber Shop.
He looks so handsome and 
so grown up!


05 November 2013

04 November 2013

More Halloweening

Three hoodlums trying to pick up this huge pumpkin.  ha!



 Scary Bear!

This year.
We painted our pumpkins and stuck sticker faces to them.
It was actually fun and a lot less stressful.
Maybe we will get around to carving them before Thanksgiving.
I would actually like to cook up some seeds.
I heard of lots of great recipes!
brown sugar and butter, roasted sriracha seeds,
chia roasted, curried...oh, the list goes on!

Hope your Halloween was Spooky!

This last photo was from last year.
My, how times have changed.
Another year older.
                                                                        All of us!

Until next time

03 November 2013


 That Smile.
Oh, you don't know how it makes my heart swell.
We went pumpkin picking and you wanted to pick up the biggest pumpkins.
You also wanted to pose next to all of them.

 A man in charge.
You ran around with your brothers so happy and carefree.
You are so helpful and caring.

We stayed extra time so that you could run more.
Then we headed to the playground.
More running and playing.
You picked quite a few pumpkins out to bring home.
To throw.

Happy Halloween Buggies!

13 October 2013


 To:  My Favorite Boys EVER!
 My Dearest Best Cookie Eater.
You are King of the Sheepies.
The Rock-n-Roll Star.
You are the best cookie eater I have ever seen!

 A Smile here 
and a smile there.
You have one of the best smiles I have ever seen!
Your giggles fill the room with happiness and warms a cool heart.

I caught a glimpse.
A smile in your eyes.
I haven't seen in very long.
I adore you my sweet sweet O!

yours forever

09 October 2013

Finding Joy :: 13

How can you not feel JOY when you look at these Fresh Homemade Cinnamon Rolls??
Thank you Papa!!

08 October 2013

Finding Joy :: 12

Sometimes, you need little distractions for the youngins
to do a simple task say, dishes or laundry.
Papa brought these home one night.
The next day, in between chores, he broke them out!
I, flying through the house, carrying a load,
glanced out the open door and found all three sitting eating their pops.
I am defiantly going to have to remember this!
It made my heart flip
Thank you Papa!

07 October 2013


Being late never hurt anybody.
Sometimes SonDay happens on MonDay!

Oscar, my dear.
Even when you are under the weather you can still 
Put a smile on your face,
Say the sweetest things to me,
Have patience more than me on a good day
and still want to lick the whipped cream off a whisk.
I am truly blessed to be your mom!

Oh my dear lawd!
Little Fender, growing up to be such a sweet sweet funny little man!
You have the giggle that melts this mama's heart.
You also have the pouting lip that melts this mama's heart.
I have so much love for you!

My lovebuggie.
You have been sick for quite some time.
We finally took you to the doctors today to find out that you have bronchitis.
Poor poor dear! 
Even though you are ill,
you can still find those peanut butter balls that mama has hidden in the fridge!
I just want to cuddle you sun up to sun set!
Mama's going to make you some tea.

Happy days to you my Dears!
yours always!

05 October 2013

30 September 2013


I know...I'm a day late.
The little two have been sick for what seems like forever.
I'm ready to get them healed and get on with the show.
So, on with this show...a day late.

 My Child.
I have a ton more patience with you now then I did last week.
You have been battling with being sick for almost a month.
What I have found is that you need more mommy cuddles.
And that I have found more time for!
I love you dear Z!

 My Sweet.
You were with me just a few days this week.
You went to visit with the Grands for a few and boy, have we missed you!
You came home from school early today because you weren't feeling well.
I'm posting a photo from last year around the same time.
Here's to celebrating Fall with you, 
picking pumpkins,
pomegranate pudding,
Halloween costume designing,
fire building...
I love you!

My dear Papas Boy.
My, how you do love your papa!
You are just so precious and sweet and funny.
I hope you continue to be that way throughout your whole long life!
I love you blue eyes!


24 September 2013

Finding Joy :: 11

Making the time to do things for myself.
It's so important that we, especially as parents,
find the time to do things that interests us!
Grateful for those little moments.

23 September 2013

Finding Joy :: 10

It does my body good.
I received this lush piece of chocolate from a friend of mine.
How can it not be good for you with these ingredients!?!
Sweetner blend (coconut nectar, agave, yacon), 
Coconut Oil, 
Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae, 
Himalayan salt and
 Essential oils.

22 September 2013


 Oh my dear Zeke!
You are so challenging.
It was a rough week...though I wait for the day I will look back and laugh.
Thank you for teaching me patience.
 My Little One.
You are so dear.
Oscar wore this cap when he was a year old.
I will have to find the photo and post a side by side here.
You are so fun, keeping up with the brothers, eating everything in sight
and doing some entertaining by yourself.
I love watching you grow!

You want to learn **everything** and right now!
You put on skates on minute, the next you are reading a book and the next you are 
practicing your writing.
You have a cute crush on a girl at school, it's very sweet.
I love watching you grow into a young man!

Happy SonDay!
I Love You!

19 September 2013

Finding Joy :: 9

Taking a trip down memory lane.
I can hardly remember when it was just two littles.
Now, there are 3.
Simply Amazing.

Happy Days to You!

18 September 2013

Finding Joy :: 8

Last week, as I drove into town for yet another function.
I was in a driving daze.
Thinking of all that I needed to get done.
All I wanted to get done.
I hadn't realized that right outside my window was the most beatufiul day.
Just right there, glistening little sparkles on the road.
Rays of sunshine in the sky.
I decided from that moment on to look outside.
Happy Humpers!

15 September 2013


Oh my boys!
How ever fast you are growing.
Some daze, just not quick enough.

 We played outside a lot this week.
The weather is cooling down quite a bit.
Towards the end of the week 
You my little Fender and Zeke went to Grandma and Da's home.
Mama had to get some much needed work done.
You both had a blast.
Went swimming, wreaked havoc and got spoiled. 
I'm glad to have you both back home though!
I missed you and love you both!

While the littles were away,
you and I went on a date.
Wow!  You are so fun! and funny!
We went to a bookstore, you bought a joke book and a duct tape book.

After having 8 potential books laid out in front of us, 
you put your foot down and declared that we chose a book and find food.
You were having too much fun sitting in the craft book isle.
We then headed into town for sushi.
 (your pick)
We sat at the counter and laughed and laughed.
I asked if you were ready to go home or out one more spot 
and to the coffee shop we went.
A benefit concert was playing.
We sat outside and visited with each other and friends till late in the night.
I have already penciled in another date!
I love you my dear one!


14 September 2013

Finding Joy :: 7

Here it sit after running errands.
Waiting to walk into the madness that is my home.
Good madness.
Just back into reality, my reality.
I say a prayer and look out the window 
and there is the most beautiful reflection.
Sometimes it's the little things.
Sitting Still.


08 September 2013


I didn't realize how much we actually did in a week
AND just how hard it would be to pick one photo for each child! 

 The little boys wound up wearing the same thing last week.
Their vintage Spiderman shirts with jeans so I took them out into the yard to 
snap a few photos.
They played along nicely!  ;)

 Well, the days of crawling are just about over.
You want to walk everywhere.
(or to be carried by mama)
You love to listen to papa play guitar just about as much as
you love to play yourself.
Whenever the drumming starts your head starts a bobbing.  
You have less of a rock-n-roll 
and more of a sway.
Stevie Wonder like.
I adore you and all your sweet kisses!

 My Zekie,
You love to "run in the grass"
You have an unending energy that is so contagious.
You put the fun into everything you do.
Having no fear, you jump onto the highest gate rail and yell 
"Look Mommy!"
My daring little monkey, I love you so!

My dear one.
Sweet sweet Oscar!
You have a presence of a wise one.
A very watchful eye for the young ones, you have.
We went to the lake this week, you had such a great time swimming around.
I love you so my silly wise one  ;)