28 February 2009


Hope you spend your time having some relaxing fun this weekend!

I know there is going to be lots of time spent knitting, painting and reading around this house.

until next week

27 February 2009

Art at The Hard Rock

I'm going to bore you with just one more day of Hard Rock Hotel photos taken last week.

Below are all photos of art taken from the lobby.

...and some really yummy food was taken in at Bravos.

Have a lovely weekend!

26 February 2009

The View

From our room. Even if you weren't in the people traffic, you felt like you were.

25 February 2009

Baby you can drive my car

Our room at the Hard Rock Hotel.
One of my top favorite bands.....and we had their room!


24 February 2009

Self Portrait Tuesday

While trying to stay sane and warm we headed outdoors for some fun in the sun.
And since I had been busted by Sarah last week, I made a conscious effort to take a photo for SPT.
O and I played for a while; collecting eggs, playing ball, chasing the dogs and
finally a break, to knit in the grass.
This is one of many that O wanted to pose for, even Sally, (the dog) was in a few!

And I am a very happy momma....my case of tea came in the mail today!

have a lovely new moon evening!

23 February 2009

Getting Back

We have returned from a fun trip down to sunny Florida to see my
lovely new niece and nephew.
and I had a wonderful time, now it's time to get back
into the swing of things. I hope to return here this week
with at least some pictures of the past week in Florida.
And maybe there will be some pictures thrown
in of the goings on here,
(because you know there is always a something going on)!

Have a lovely week!

20 February 2009

19 February 2009


My heart is full.

18 February 2009


Blue Sky

Gray Sky

16 February 2009


I used to love treasure hunts when I was younger, and really still do!
So, for Valentines Day we planned a fun heart treasure hunt for O (and myself).

I made a heart shaped stamp from a kitchen sponge. I was inspired by this issue of Kids Craft Weekly. So simple, just stamping red paper and cutting out the hearts.
Hubby and I wrote love messages on the back of each heart and placed them around the house to be found on Valentines morning.
This was just about as much fun as the treasure hunt; thinking about all the reasons why we love our dearest O....I could have gone on and on!

I'll be away this week but I want to leave behind a photo for the rest of the week.

Have a lovely week

until we see each other again....

14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

An Acorn Bird from my sweetness

~Hope you all have a swell Love day~


12 February 2009

Cracked Egg

We finally ended our January egg experiment. Taking the egg and vinegar filled jar outside, we slowly poured out the vinegar and out came the egg into the hands of O.

Before a fingernail was stuck into the egg, ending the experiment, we annualized our findings.

The egg was actually pretty firm, like a water balloon firm. We could have really played the water balloon toss with it.
To avoid being sprayed with vinegar mixed with egg parts we decided this wasn't the best idea.

So, with the fingernail breaking the egg, the yolk and the white popping out to their release, O was left holding the sac. Pulling and stretching the strong the sac, wanting to "keep it forever".

It has long since dried up, but I'm sure it'll find its way to being glued onto an 'experiment' in the near future.

Have a lovely egg day!


11 February 2009

Whirling Twirling Drumming Gumming

My boys and I attended last night's Whirling Dervishes here in Athens. It was amazing. And it wasn't just the whirling that was amazing but the music and singing that accompanied was just awesome. Man, it must take a lifetime to chant/sing like that.
You can see a 'performance' here.

The ceremony lasted a little longer than we expected.

Note to self: find a babysitter before-hand.

I love this photo, so full of energy.
We've been attending a drumming class and even though we play drums at home, there has been a different energy ever since this class started. All weekend, he laid about with his drum between his legs pounding. Yay baby!

A few weeks ago, O and I gathered a basket full of fallen gum balls from our yard. I had seen a similar thing at one of the holiday markets I attended. So simple and very attractive. We glued some colored toothpicks inside the holes of the gum balls, (making robots and 3 legged dogs) in no particular order and plan to string them together with fishing wire once dried. (I'll post pics, soon hopefully)

And needless to say, the toothpicks got out of hand and were stuck in odd places. Knit Veggies with toothpicks anyone?

Hope you all have a whirling twirling drumming gumming hump day!

10 February 2009

Self Portrait Tuesday and Lost Cat

I totally forgot about self-portrait last Tuesday. I'm telling you this year is going to be a doozy! I felt it from the 1st day of the new year. I actually told my mom, I need the strength of the buffalo this year.
I found this poster pinned up on our office wall. O picked this up from the library, he said Mrs. Liz said that I could have it.
So, if you find this cat, please call it's owner.

until tomorrow

09 February 2009

Daddy Love

Sometimes Mondays can be hard, especially on daddys who have to go to work. So, with a can, some paper, a pen and of course paint, DaDdy LoVe was born.
I had actually seen a similar item made, don't remember where but the image came to mind last Monday as D was heading to work.
O painted the outside of a freshly unused can of coffee beans. We sat at the table and began to say words that daddy is; strong, tall..etc. Then O began telling me things he likes to do with D...
We filled the coffee canister up with lovely words for dear daddy. So when D is having a bad day or just needs a pick-me-up, he can look into his special can and pull out a love note straight from the mouth of O.

Next, "I wanna build a tree house!"


07 February 2009


Would you like to hear sad news before the unsad news?....ok then....
if you wish not to 'hear' please advance to OK.....unsad news here....

Sad but true note, Hermie has left us. We have paid him tribute with some requested local purple flowers. He was a very loved hermit crab and we'll miss him dearly!

OK.....unsad news here....

O has been begging me to let him sew something. Well, that something was found
when he saw this patch. Hoover Dam.

Hubby surprised me with an anniversary trip out to Arizona, this was the month after finding out that I was pregnant with O, almost 4.5 years ago. (I was sick almost the whole trip, which made it very memorable!)
Traveling from Nevada to Arizona we stopped at Hoover Dam. It's a truly amazing place.

I think this patch was actually bought for someone else, but it is now O's.
Having sewed this patch on his sleeve all by himself, he now owns it and deserves it!
I did my part by holding the patch in placewhile he stitched every stitch in it's corner.
Proud, I would say so, he's been wearing it for nearly 3 days. I'm sure he will not let me put it through the wash.

On another note, the soap making class I taught last week went so wonderful....
many many thanks to Heather and Cora!!

until next time friends,

04 February 2009

A Walk in the Park

We were the only ones at the park.
It was such a bLuEiful day, just O and I.
Spring for sure is in the air. Flowers in bloom.
Stars shining on the lake.
We walked and we talked.
Picking up treasures.
Walking in the park.