11 February 2009

Whirling Twirling Drumming Gumming

My boys and I attended last night's Whirling Dervishes here in Athens. It was amazing. And it wasn't just the whirling that was amazing but the music and singing that accompanied was just awesome. Man, it must take a lifetime to chant/sing like that.
You can see a 'performance' here.

The ceremony lasted a little longer than we expected.

Note to self: find a babysitter before-hand.

I love this photo, so full of energy.
We've been attending a drumming class and even though we play drums at home, there has been a different energy ever since this class started. All weekend, he laid about with his drum between his legs pounding. Yay baby!

A few weeks ago, O and I gathered a basket full of fallen gum balls from our yard. I had seen a similar thing at one of the holiday markets I attended. So simple and very attractive. We glued some colored toothpicks inside the holes of the gum balls, (making robots and 3 legged dogs) in no particular order and plan to string them together with fishing wire once dried. (I'll post pics, soon hopefully)

And needless to say, the toothpicks got out of hand and were stuck in odd places. Knit Veggies with toothpicks anyone?

Hope you all have a whirling twirling drumming gumming hump day!


  1. How fun! I was wondering if you made it to the show/concert. As you know, I was a sickie, so wasn't even thinking of going out.
    Thanks for the book suggestion. We'll look it up next week. I also just saw Owl Moon on your book list. We love that one. They have the Scholastic video of it at our library that is really nice too. Hope your week is going well!

  2. yes, babysitter next time. still, what a memorable experience...

  3. whoops...yes, babysitter next time. still, what a memorable experience...

    while meaning to be anonymous, I...