07 February 2009


Would you like to hear sad news before the unsad news?....ok then....
if you wish not to 'hear' please advance to OK.....unsad news here....

Sad but true note, Hermie has left us. We have paid him tribute with some requested local purple flowers. He was a very loved hermit crab and we'll miss him dearly!

OK.....unsad news here....

O has been begging me to let him sew something. Well, that something was found
when he saw this patch. Hoover Dam.

Hubby surprised me with an anniversary trip out to Arizona, this was the month after finding out that I was pregnant with O, almost 4.5 years ago. (I was sick almost the whole trip, which made it very memorable!)
Traveling from Nevada to Arizona we stopped at Hoover Dam. It's a truly amazing place.

I think this patch was actually bought for someone else, but it is now O's.
Having sewed this patch on his sleeve all by himself, he now owns it and deserves it!
I did my part by holding the patch in placewhile he stitched every stitch in it's corner.
Proud, I would say so, he's been wearing it for nearly 3 days. I'm sure he will not let me put it through the wash.

On another note, the soap making class I taught last week went so wonderful....
many many thanks to Heather and Cora!!

until next time friends,


  1. Looks like Oscar can sew better than me...it made me sad to hear about Hermie...hope Oscar took it peacefully...lovely little birds-eye primroses.


  2. That is one thing I would love to learn more about - soap making. Haven't had the time lately to start a new hobby however. I'll just have to admire what you make.

  3. Erin, he said a few 'I love you hermie"'s and has moved on. I'm hoping to find him an aquarium for his room for more animals. We'll see!