12 February 2009

Cracked Egg

We finally ended our January egg experiment. Taking the egg and vinegar filled jar outside, we slowly poured out the vinegar and out came the egg into the hands of O.

Before a fingernail was stuck into the egg, ending the experiment, we annualized our findings.

The egg was actually pretty firm, like a water balloon firm. We could have really played the water balloon toss with it.
To avoid being sprayed with vinegar mixed with egg parts we decided this wasn't the best idea.

So, with the fingernail breaking the egg, the yolk and the white popping out to their release, O was left holding the sac. Pulling and stretching the strong the sac, wanting to "keep it forever".

It has long since dried up, but I'm sure it'll find its way to being glued onto an 'experiment' in the near future.

Have a lovely egg day!



  1. yes, my 3 year old was ecstatic to find out it was so waterballoonish. it took about five minutes for him to explode the thing all over me. my 7 year-old was very bummed he didn't have the camera. we tried white & apple cider vinegar for contrast. that was the 7's. his is still on the counter, on it's 4th week on observation. looks much like the end of the first week.

  2. this looks like great . . . . fun? as long as it explodes out of doors. *smile* i love how you and your guy learn and explore together.

  3. ********maya*****

    Yes, it was actually a wild quick explosion of the egg!
    thanks for visiting