11 December 2007

Our First Fire

Here are some recent pictures from our first fire in our fireplace.

We've had the foreplace for over 3 years, ever since we moved in. But we've just recently had the gas line taken out...so I thought "duh!" we can have a real fire!!
We are thrilled and very excited.
Eating freshly made Vanilla Pudding, knitting around the fire....ahhhhh.....

Recipe for Vanilla Pudding, so simple.
1 1/2 Cups milk
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/8 tsp salt
Heat above until very hot.
in 1/2 cup cold milk add 2 tbsp cornstarch or arrowroot powder
add to hot milk
stir, stir, stir until thick.
when slightly cooled, add 1/2 cup pudding into cup with a cracked egg, mix, then add to hot pudding.
add vanilla extract.
Serve with pomegranite seeds or plain....

Oh, and playing one of my old time favorites! Really gets you in the Holiday Spirit!! :)

And here's the little one doing the fire dance.....looks just like his papa when he dances!

05 December 2007

Oscar takes the camera!

I love little shots like this and can't seem to erase them from my camera!
So, here are some good and not so good shot from the little one...enjoy!

Ok, that's probably enough......I could go on!

01 December 2007


I went for a short trip up to the mountains a couple weeks ago, and I'm about due for another trip!
I love to visit friends, the local coffee shop, Sweetwater Coffee in Sautee and go to the rock shop, where we always come out of there with pockets full of rocks!
It's grounding....breathing fresh air, driving around the mountain....
Ahhhh....I must go soon.


Here are a few candles that were made for upcoming events.

Some for Holiday Markets, some for orders, some for gifts.....enough said.

Yarn+Needles=Leg Warmers

I heart this yarn!
I thought I was growing tired of it when kniting my first leg warmer, but it soon passed.
It has so much depth to it...
I tried to show you with an up-close picture, but I don't think it does the yarn justice.
The yarn is from a shop in Dahlongea, Magical Threads, which I want to add is very Magical!!
It's a older house converted into a quilting and yarn shop, just beautiful!
The yarn is Berroco here.

So, I finished one, which you will see at the end of this and I'm on to the next!
I started off knitting my leg warmers, which led to ribbing, b/c the end was curling. Then I thought I wanted to knit the whole warmer. So, I then started knitting after the ribbing.....nope, not what I wanted to do. I decided from then on I would rib the whole rest of the way.
So, they have a little character....just what I asked for!

Off with the second!

And here she is....a little longer than I anticipated, so, call them thigh warmers!