27 April 2011

A New View

Before Zeke was born I searched the internet for inspiration for the perfect baby's room. I found the perfect thing here! I just loved the simple, natural, uncomplicated look of this room from the handmade leaf lamp to the hanging tree branch. (Here's another view of the room.)
My mom rocks! While I was probably sleeping off my pregnancy, my dear mom threw together some ideas that she and I had and BAM! the room came together in a matter of months. She made ALL the crib bedding, the curtains and the pouch hanging off the crib.

baby room5

The Gummie Bears were a great find from Papa Wolfe as was the antique corner cabinet I use as his clothes dresser. The mobile was a long-time-ago find in New York City at a Flea market. I found this before Oscar was born and used as a mobile in his room as well.

baby room4

baby room3

baby room2

baby room1

baby room

I just love the way this room came together and how it doubles as a baby/guest room. I love curling up with my 2 youngins on the bed at night and reading our nighttime stories just as much as jumping on the bed in the middle of the day!

Until we meet again!