28 May 2008

Ah, The Layers of Summer

I just couldn't resits! :))

There is so much going on at the moment, that we are hardly ever inside, except to take naps and eat. The little one is out of school, so there is no schedule to maneuver around. There is only work and play, all day.
Here are a few snippets of what we have been up to:

Lots of thinking

Making Faerie Houses.....We went to the Faerie Shop in Comer and Oscar fell in love with the ($200) Faerie houses! They were stunning!!
So, I told him we could build one when we got home......needless to say, we made one right when we got home and have been building onto it ever since. The house started out under a tree in the backyard, however they have received a new house, a gourd, provided by a dear friend.
And here it is, she even has her own flowers, in a vase with water. And some flower water to drink, with a straw. We've planted some sedums in their home as well as around for some good landscaping. She's set! Oscar wakes up just about every morning wanting to check to see if the Faerie has made this her home. We have actually seen a few on several occasions.

Putting up a fence around our garden....we have chickens who dash for;
first: the back deck, (don't know why) and second: the garden....fresh veggies just for their pickin.

Oscar is making a snack bag. There is way too much opening the fridge and standing in front of it in our house. So, here we pack 3-4 daily snacks into a beautifully decorated paper bag that he can pick out whenever he chooses. He drew on the front the different snacks that are soon going to be in the bag; apple, pear, fruit leather, raisins, yogurt, and crackers and cheese.

The finished product....he was very proud!

Another of out not so delightful summer adventures is seeing these not so nice spiders crawling by. This one, a brown recluse, was found in our garage. And the next one down, a black widow, was found when my husband was putting up the fence in our garden. Pretty scary!

Planting, more in Oscar Rock Garden....
These are pods from the Baptisa plant we have by our back porch. Produces really beautiful purple flowers.

Feeding the birds...Oscar carried this 10lb bag of birdseed outside, insisted on carrying it!
We fill up the birdhouse then with the left overs we spread it on the railings of the porch, so that they will eat up close to the back door. (thanks mom)

Lots and lots of changing clothes, putting shirts and pants on backwards and much layering!

I hope that you and yours are doing much layering at your house, making it a home.
Take care and see you soon!

22 May 2008

Famers Market Success!

Pardon the disappearance, we've been dealing with fevers and ear infections over here. For 5 days straight, I only saw the couch, meds, tv and of course my patient, little O. So pitiful he was!

However, I do have some great news :: The Athens Farmers Market was a smashing success!
What a smashing success it was!
Over 2500 people came down for the 1st of many Farmers Markets! It really was just breathtaking to see the walking traffic of people constantly walking down to get their fresh produce and crafts! I didn't get to take any pictures during the market, so there are befores and afters. The farmers sold plum out of produce before 10am!! As did the coffee guy and the bread man who brought 400 loaves of bread!! Just Amazing!
This my booth (on the right) that I shared with a friend of mine, Alena. She makes beaded jewelry, really beautiful beaded jewelry!

This here is from Cedar Grove Farm in Lexington. These are watermelon radishes, so beautiful!

The craftspersons are all under the tents.

The Farmers under the pavilion....where it actually caused a major traffic jam!

Some big beautiful onions from Roots Farm

Other breaking news: the cabinet is finished and it has already found a place in the kitchen.

On to putting *things* into it!
Have a nice day!

16 May 2008

Lots of painting going on today. My dear son is at his Grandparents for the night so that I can swiftly make a dash at the crack of dawn to the NEW Athens Farmers Market!
I'm so excited to be apart of such a wonderful thing.....friends, organic food, community, that's what it's all about, in my book anyway!
So, back to the painting. remember the cabinet I bought for a great deal at a local yard sale. Well, I'm finally painting it. I found this lovely green leaf somewhere in a magazine or brochure. Anyways, I took this green leaf up to the hardware store and asked them to recreate it......perfect!
So, the doors of the cabinet as well as the trim is this perfect green.
It's more like a lime green with a hint of peas or lima beans.
Anyways, I love it! Pictures will follow.

Other random things:

Oscar and I took a trip up to the mountains on Wednesday to visit our dear friends, the Granberrys as well as visiting our other dear friend, Mountain.
It was so beautiful and I'm so lucky to live so close that I can make a day trip up to the mountains!
Here are some pictures I actually pulled over to take:

It's just so beautiful.....after each visit I always feel so much lighter, grounded...just at peace.

Ah, here is a recipe from Amanda for the World's Best Brownies:
baking chocolate
self rising flour
choc chips
mini marshmallows
cashew butter
Ah, simply the best!

13 May 2008

Mothers Day Weekend

This weekend was the Indie Craftstravaganzaa in downtown Athens. It was a super hot day as I got burnt to a crisp!

But, it was such a wonderful event! People I haven't seen in years coming out to enjoy a beautiful weekend! There were such talented artist out: from furniture makers, jewelry makers, (of all kinds), baby blankets, gourds, handmade cards, clothes and assessories.
Here are some pictures of the scene and some henna I got as I took a break:

I picked up some of these very cute flowers made from material. I thought this would make the perfect Mothers Day gift, for all the moms I know!
Happy Mothers Day to all!

08 May 2008

A Dedication

You know today, I just want to make a blog dedication to a dear friend, Erin. She is such a brilliant writer, giving me chills and an occasional tear every time I read an entry from her blog!
If you get a few moments, please check out her blog. Take your time, read and reflect.
She has also written a lovely book, filled with exquisite words as well as pictures of her journeys over seas. You can find a link to her book on her blog as well!
And thanks Erin for your wonderful words that you so thoughtfully put together to share!
Take care and happy Thursday

07 May 2008

New Needed things

The first being a new faucet! Ours literally snapped right in half. SO, my dear dad came down to help attach a new one. I got one that I absolutely love, with an attachable sprayer. This was such a bigger ordeal than it needed to be, but we finaly decided on one that was just perfect!
Oscar was such a big helper, wanting to get down and play with the big boys!

And really, I needed some new yarn! Especially some ordered from Peace Fleece
I can't wait to start knitting with this lovely yarn!
I really fell in love with it once the second I pulled it out. It's so beautiful! It smells beautiful, looks beautiful and knowing that it came from such a wonderful place, it just has a unique cared for feel to it! Really, if you could see it, hold it, smell it..... you'd probably be thinking the same thing!
I'm planning on making more leg warmers and hats to sell at Market once Fall rolls around again. I'm trying to stay ahead of the seasons.
I hope to finish some of my other projects before I start with knitting with these.....well, maybe not that long! ;)

Right now, I'm knitting a special gift for a special woman in my life....mom.
I thought I'd have it done sooner, but it's with real thin delicate yarn, some that I haven't knitted with before. It's Rowan kidsilk haze yarn, made with 70% super kid mohair and 30% silk! It's so very soft and I really love it!
Here is a review of it. I'll post pictures as soon as I finish it....
Off to knit.....and make some candles for the Indie Craft Festival this weekend!
Take care and happy knitting!

06 May 2008

Roots and Wings

So this is how our lovely weekend went....my boys going to the grocery store and bringing back some really beautiful Sunflowers and orange tulips!

We did lots of yard work this weekend. Planting seeds, flowers and veggies.
We went to this really great Plant Nursery, Wolfskin Gardens. Their place is just specticular! Really great landscaping and about 15 greenhouses....packed with green plants!
Below are some flowers that we saw on our walk around the Gardens.

And this is our yard, notice the tall wavy grass.....almost as tall as Oscar!
(It was cut this weekend!)

Our little birds nest. We got to watch them grow everyday from our front window. They grew sooo fast, I can't believe it. Actually so fast that on Saturday I saw them fluttering their wings, learning to fly. So, I went in to grab my camera. This shot was taken right (literally!) before they flew away!
This reminds me of a saying I had heard once, before I had kids....
"Give them Roots and Give Them Wings"
I had hoped to remember this when I had kids and glad that I did.

give them roots and give them wings