30 April 2008

Just what I was looking for


I do love thee! We had a blast on the farm the other day! We picked 2 gallons in just about 15 minutes. Now, that's some big, juicy strawberries!

We got a chance to check out the animals before the sun roasted us. There was this beautiful Peacock, that we found out was a boy. Which makes sense, most beautiful animals are male....always trying to attract a mate with their beautifulness!

There were baby goats running around, huddled up together, wanting some human contact.
In which, Oscar didn't hesitate.

Just a random picture of some tulips that my lovely boys brought home last week. They're just about to drop their petals.

We had some fun this weekend. Oscar and Chad finished up building the rock garden so that we can plant some of the many plants that Chad picks up from a nearby plant nursery. Here Oscar is 'dancing' on the dirt.

While they were busy working outside....I went garage sailing......
I went down the street to some neighbors house that I haven't seen in a long while, I didn't realize their daughter was already 3 1/2! They were having a sale, in which I traded some soap for some corner shelves and frames...good trade!
Anyways, so right down the street was a 5 house yard sale!! Oh boy!
I really wasn't looking for anything in particular, it's just fun to look sometimes. Well, I wasn't looking for anything until I saw this beautiful hand made 1950's cabinet. Just what I was looking for!
The woman was the sweetest woman I'd ever met. Her husband had just passed and she was having her wonderful sale to collect money for loans. How can you not help a wonderful woman like this out?! She had such a beautiful yard, planted like an English Garden, which I just love.
So, I bought this beautiful cabinet for $25!! A steal, I know....It's perfect, well, will be once cleaned up with a fresh coat of paint. I plan to put into my kitchen to house my essential oils, soap, candle supplies...with any room left, I'll fill in with Oscar's art supplies.
It's amazing how the simple things can make such a difference.

Here is a beautiful blue plant stand that I also bought from the woman. I plan on using this as my soap and candle display at Markets this year. It's a bit rough looking but I don't plan on changing it....it's just what I was looking for!

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  1. Amazing! Our strawberries don't come out till June or July. We used to have a garden full in Devon...so much more delicious than store-bought. The little wild strawberries native to Britain and Alpine regions are the best...don't know if you get them over there. Not in Georgia anyways.

    Boy I miss a good American yard sale. They don't have yard sales over here...yards aren't big enough.

    Really like the cabinet, can't believe the price.