29 April 2008

A Favorite

I know that I have spoken of it before, however, you've never seen what has been made of it.
What I'm speaking of is the cookbook, Apples For Jam.

I've been meal planning from this one book for over 2 weeks now and am amazed how fantastic the foods really are....They are so simple yet so delicious!
Here is an absolute favorite of mine. Zucchini and Basil Omelet (not sure if that's what she calls it though)

I can literally eat it, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It's so simple to make.
Here's the recipe:
A quarter of a zucchini, cut into thin slices
Parm chez, grated
2 eggs (I use 2, she uses only one)
So, saute the zucchini with a smashed garlic until kinda soft
sprinkle with salt and torn basil
remove from pan, and throw away the garlic.
Then add the scrambled eggs into pan, put zucchini mixture on eggs, sprinkle with cheese and pepper.
So Yummy..... (this is a downsized version of hers.)
Here are some lovely pictures in the book. Some are drawings from her girls, with little sayings.

And I love how Tessa organizes the book. I didn't think I'd like it at first, but I actually really like it. It's chapters are organized into colors of food. I makes it super easy to find just the thing you are looking for!

I hope that if cooking is your thing that you will check this lovely book out. Besides her wonderful recipes are beautiful pictures, full of the colors of life, drawings from little ones and cute funny little stories.


  1. Actually I like cooking...and it's a good thing, since you can't get decent food in England. So I spend my days looking up American recipes on the web and making everything from scratch!

    I'm not an egg person but James loves omelettes. I've never made one. So--

    When you say 'pan', does it have to be a specific kind of pan or can I use a skillet/frying pan?

    Don't know how the zuchinni would go down with a husband very picky about his vegetables. Have any ideas for variations?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Erin,

    You know, once you sprinkle the parm chez on the zucchini, you really can't even taste it.
    But, other ideas, in case that one really doesn't do it, you could use tomatoes, squash, broccoli, green peppers, onions... it's really endless.
    For cooking my omelets, I use a non stick frying pan, just b/c it's so hard to get egg off of a metal pan.
    Eggs are about the only thing we cook in the non-stick.
    Good Luck and happy egg eating!

  3. So do the eggs just sort of 'go into shape' as they cook in the pan? I know that sounds stupid, but I've really never seen anyone make an omelette.

    I think the brocolli might work...was wondering if I could put brocolli in. This is on the list of approved vegetables. Sometimes a zuchinni or carrot might get past if it's sliced so thin that it's extremely texture-less.

    Will report back.


  4. Hey Erin...

    I'd first steam the broccoli or you could sautee it. After you've emptied the pan, scramble the eggs in a glass, then pour into pan. I kind of swirl the pan around so that it reaches the corners well, it looks like a big, round flat pizza dough.
    Then add the veg with basil, parm and pepper.

    Good Luck!

  5. oh, i love that book so much! catergorizing by color makes so much sense now, eh?! your blog is beautiful, as is your family! happy mother's day!