09 April 2008

Shoes, Books, Buns and other random things

Ok, so after a huge rain, Oscar and I went for a little photography walk in our yard.
Beware there are lots of pictures on this post. I'm trying to catch up....do you see, from the last time I did a post, that this is the first time I've been able to catch up!? Almost a whole week!
Anyways, on to the pictures:
This is a picture of our Rubber tree that we have finally moved from our garage to our porch.

A tennis ball Oscar begged me to take a picture of:

A tulip from our yard, that was very soon picked, put into a vase and put into Oscar's room.

This is a couple branches from our Eucalyptus tree that I absolutely love. I didn't realize that it actually got this huge until moving into our house 3.5 years ago. I saw actually a few trees in our soon to be neighborhood that were growing in yards.

This is a random picture of some moss, maybe. It obviously didn't turn out like the picture I wanted but still thought it was a cool abstract photo.

My lavender bush is huge, and growing bigger each year. Never before did I have one that grew so big! It a Spanish Lavender plant, I bought from a local nursery, Thyme After Thyme about 5 years ago!
I'm so proud of it!

This is a plant called Autumn Joy. I had got a cutting from a friend and it has grown to a huge lovely, lush green plant!
I love the tiny water droplets....

Some moss which I have grown to love. I was watching a Gardener's Diary, (I think it's a HGTV show) the other day and this woman had walkways, almost an acre, filled in with moss!! It was so beautiful and incredible. I think I remember her saying she only had 3 different kinds of moss planted.
So, I say, let it grow!

This next picture is a wonderful plant that I received from a friend up in Cleveland, Ga. He actually dug it up from his yard. It's called Breath of Spring. It's supposed to bloom right before Spring, however, I usually find it blooming in the Winter time. This Georgia weather can play tricks even on plants!

My new book. I received it last week and can't put it down. It's Soulemamas new book filled with wonderful ideas for connecting and creating with your family.

My new shoes. I actually debated between a couple pairs of Danskos. But I did finally decide on these and I am very satisfied! They are very cute and comfortable.

Happy Birthday to Chad!

Love this dress!! I found it on one of Black Apple's blogs. It's sold through Passenger Pigeon
which has just the cutest clothes! Very sleek.

Ok, that's enough of my ramblings.....wishing you a lovely hump day!

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  1. Gorgeous photographs Ansley...