29 July 2014

Welcome home Oscar

We had company today from 2 sweet girlfriends and their kids.
We played outside, 
ran thru the sprinkler,
drank kombucha,
ate scones
and enjoyed eachother!

The youngest ones napped.

We welcomed Oscar home from Peru last weekend...
So very very glad to have him home!


14 July 2014

Missing Him

He has been gone now for 6 days.
I miss him dearly!
He has gone on a trip to Peru with his dad.

8 more days until we can talk again.
I cannot wait.

Before he left we filled our days with much fun!
His birthday was just the beginning.

There was much laughter, pokemon trading and games going on.
Sumo wrestling, Balloon popping, cake eating and Canjo playing.
Thank you to Jared at Echo Hollow Canjos!
And to Cecelias Cakes for that awesome 3 Milk Cake!

Our cousins came up from Florida to hang out for some of their summer.
We hung at the park and ate and played.

Oh my!
I miss this dear boy!

Happy Monday!