30 December 2010

Kitchen Table and other happenings

A busy month it has been! Crafting, painting, gluing, writing, melting, baking, spinning....our hands have been moving.

Every morning till night time our table has been full of some kind of crafting. This particular day was our yearly peppermint bark. This year, time ran out before classes ended and my dearest mom came to the rescue, made some candies and hand delivered them for me...I am so lucky!
Mine got made eventually.


girls boxes

I made these darling little boxes after seeing them here. Mr Wolfe has 2 nieces that are new to me this year so I was very excited to make some girly gifts. . The boxes Oscar and I put together.


On another note, it snowed here on Christmas Day!! It hasn't snowed here in Georgia on Christmas Day in years....It was a real treat to share with Oscar and so beautiful.

snowy christmas


Hope to put up more posts soon...my kitchen table is always full!


14 December 2010

Kitchen Table Tuesday

kitchen table tuesday 13 Dec

So much to do, so little time. Filling out Holiday and Thank you cards, making the never ending lists, drinking lots of coffee and making dinner. All the while, my very patient young one stirs up an "after dinner drink." Yogurt, pomegranate seeds, orange juice, cocoa and who knows what else....actually tastes pretty good!

Thank you Oscar for simplifying my life and making me see that life doesn't have to be so hard.

09 December 2010

Kitchen Table Thursday

Well, I didn't make it for Kitchen Table Tuesday, so Thursday will have to do.

Oscar and I finally sat down for a quiet evening of origami. Last year we made our advent calender of origami envelopes. This year I decided we needed something just a little different, something that could actually hold little gems. So, we went with cups. They were quite simple actually. Here is the link that I used.

cup advant

cups advant

With a little fold here and a little fold there, 24 tiny cups were made. They will actually hold water, though I don't suppose that I will be hanging any water, maybe some hot chocolate.

Lots of Holiday Markets to prepare for...so until we meet again, have a lovely week!

30 November 2010

Catching up

I am way behind in writing, kind of how I feel in my life right now. It's time for Holiday Markets and that's all I can seem to do; make candles, make soap, knit and oh, make food

tuesday kitchen table

and lots of it for this growing belly!

belly shot

I so enjoyed hanging out with my guy over the Holiday break! We slept in, had hot cocoa in the mornings, made things, took walks. I wish that we had more time together, but I am grateful for each moment I get to spend with him!

hot chocolate

book of love

I am loving my new home, well, not so new anymore. I think I may love the kitchen most of all. I made myself a little nook in the corner since that seems to be where I do most of my work. I have just enough space, (I'll wish for more soon, I'm sure). With the kitchen table right behind me, it is almost always filled with lavender buds, sachets, soap, candles, cookbooks, lists, boxes and food.
So, with all the work I put our kitchen table through I would like to dedicate Today and every Tuesday to be Kitchen Table Day.
Without further adieu I give you Kitchen Table Tuesday.......

soap list

(just moments before I had been craving fried artichoke hearts and below is the next moment!)

art hearts

He is so good to me! (love)

Until we meet again...

17 October 2010

This Season

kitchen corner pic

pomegranites pic

halloween pic

bday cake pic

Fall, oh how I love thee. I love the energy you supply me with to get along with my day, for the cool crisp mornings, the warm teas I can now feel good drinking, for my birthday, close friends and family that surround and love me, for cool rides out to the countryside, and for the season for pomagranites!
I am feeling very grateful to be right here right now.

11 October 2010

Missing You

I am returning after a long break. I have been thinking about this space for a while and really missing the time I spent here.
It took almost a year but I think things have calmed down a bit for a while.
Oscar and I have made our final move, (well, for at least a year) into a home not far from where we started. We are very happy here with a big yard, grass, clean water and enough space in our home to add a dear person to me, Dave.


We have been enjoying our new relationship, taking trips to the mountains, attending and vending at local Fall Festivals and busy making our new house a home.

songbird soaps board

Now, just a few things that on my mind, like here , here and here.
More on this later....

Until then

15 July 2010

Off we go....

Off to the creek we go with yoga cards, blanket and pineapple juice in hand.


Our morning took a different turn after finding a baby bird stuck in the creek.

bird wings

found birdie

playing in the creek

05 June 2010

Our New Home :: 8

After all this....


I sure am enjoying some of this new life:

welcome home




leaf sunlight



29 May 2010

Moving on up....After :: 7

Well, as you can see Oscar and I are on the move again.
We actually landed on an awesome gig for the next two months. Friends of ours are heading to Africa for 2 months and we have moved in!
More pictures coming soon...


19 May 2010

Good Food :: 5

Sharing some yummy food with some good company

indian dinner1

15 May 2010

Something Chilly :: 4

Much needed for a weekend of work!


12 May 2010

A NEED to make English Muffins ::3

Really want to make these again!

english muffins

recipe found here

10 May 2010

Finally... :: 1

So here I am again. I didn't think it would take me this long to write again.

My life as I knew it 6 months ago came to an abrupt end. And the changes I am witnessing are a whole lot of emotions wrapped into one little bundle inside my body. I have feelings of happy, sad, excited, scared, confused, betrayed, anxious, guilty, grateful, and loved, sometimes all at once .....but above all this I am here and very hopeful for my unknown future.

I never knew how strong I was as a woman until I had to stand tall and face the unknown. And I give thanks to those in my life who have held me up. My wonderful friends and family have stood behind me supporting me through this journey.

With so many changes happening in my life, I would like to start a 30 day challenge for myself in this space. For the next 30 days I want to visit this space to include a picture which may or may not include words. This is not necessarily of my real-life day but of my future, past and present.

I want to remain positive concerning my future with me, my life and my son's well being.

So, with this being said I leave you with this:

It IS Strawberry Season!

strawberry time1

17 January 2010


Just a quick pop-in......
I am in transition and will return soon....

in the midst nic

Until then