09 December 2010

Kitchen Table Thursday

Well, I didn't make it for Kitchen Table Tuesday, so Thursday will have to do.

Oscar and I finally sat down for a quiet evening of origami. Last year we made our advent calender of origami envelopes. This year I decided we needed something just a little different, something that could actually hold little gems. So, we went with cups. They were quite simple actually. Here is the link that I used.

cup advant

cups advant

With a little fold here and a little fold there, 24 tiny cups were made. They will actually hold water, though I don't suppose that I will be hanging any water, maybe some hot chocolate.

Lots of Holiday Markets to prepare for...so until we meet again, have a lovely week!

1 comment:

  1. oh, they are gorgeous!
    wonderful idea!
    enjoy this season of celebrating : )