30 August 2013

Happiness Is :: Day 1

Washing your brothers hair

Happy Friday

27 August 2013

These Are The Days

We had some rainy days in the last couple weeks.
So, many days were spent indoors.
Making pancakes,
messes and
afternoon coffee.
We played board games, cards
and walked through the grass with our socks and barefeet.

 We read lots of books, 
with and without potato head guy glasses.
We laid on the couch and watched movies, 
Ted Talks, funny videos
and Charlie and Lola episodes.

We collected baskets full of apples,
fed the horses some
and came inside to dehydrate the rest.
We harvested flowers.
And picked baskets of figs in hopes of making jam.
We ate all of them.

My Love, Mr Wolfe, said to me during this week,
"These are the times that we will look back on
and miss."

until next time

26 August 2013

Love Notes: Giving and Receiving

I am still receiving my sweet love letters.

I have found myself at night wanting to do something creative.
Something that doesn't take a whole lot of energy, 
that I can do from the couch,
and something that involves markers.
So, love letters to my Oscar
and to friends and family was born.

Just a fun little way to say
I love you,
Thank you
Have a great day!

Hope you have a great day!

25 August 2013

My Boys

It's been a rough couple weeks here.
I have one child who has figured out that he can get out of bed
by himself.
One boy has new teeth coming in
6 to be exact.
There isn't getting much done over here
except the essentials.
Each day is a struggle and
 I find peace in seeing these beautiful faces.

until next time

14 August 2013

Fender Turns ONE!

My Little Bug has turned a year old.
How quickly time flies!
He is such a determined, sassy, 
sweet, loving, caring,
cuddly, handsome
young lad.
 Thank you for teaching my again about the things that 
I forgot since the 1st time around.
(patience being right up there.)

Thank you for blessing us!
We all, Papa and brothers 
adore and love you times a million.

Happy Sweet Birthday!

04 August 2013



For Oscar's birthday 
I bought him a few bags of scrap leather from Soft Star Shoes Company.
He pulled his scraps out the other day
and made himself a medicine bag.

While he was crafting away.
I made myself this:

I am so proud of him.
Piecing together.

He's always so impressed that 
something from yarn/string
can become a beautiful piece of art.

I am just as impressed
that this beautiful boy can produce such a
wonderful product from scraps.

 Happy Scraping Sunday

Cheers to you and yours

03 August 2013


I have been diggin' some eggs as of lately.
Eating as a brunch and breakfast.
They are plentiful around these parts.
And they go well with an espresso,
an avocado,
a ripe tomato,
nutritional yeast,
garlic powder,
smoked gouda!


02 August 2013



Oscar took leave a couple weeks ago.
He was gone for about a week with his papa.
When he left I decided to reorganize his room 
as well as Zeke's.

 A playroom it is.
For now.
Soon to be Fender's new room.

Upon Oscar's return, this is how it turned out.
I am very pleased.
It feels right 
and good to me.
And now,
to them.


01 August 2013

Time Is On My Side

The best Grandma has come to my rescue!
She came to our home to visit 
and wound up taking back my two little ones.
Mama can get some work done.
As much as we do love them,

It IS amazing 
just how much we can get done without little ones
attached to our bodies.
Thank good gracious for grandparents!!