31 March 2013

Last Week

 Last Week

Played Drums

 Sang a Solo

 Made Apple Cheddar Scones
 Played nice with our siblings

 Loved my kids more than the day before

 Finished a new hat for myself just in time for the weather to warm up

 Got a new game

 Ate Apples with Homemade Almond Butter

 Loved on these precious animals

 Was showered with flower petals on the back porch

 Ate boxes of Clementines

Last week was a good one

28 March 2013


 I finally realized through my foggy eyes that Sunday is Easter.

Sunday, we made Egg Cutouts and colored them.

Yesterday, we dyed eggs.  They were on sale today at the grocery.

The little things that get accomplished with littles.... oh dear.

Oh!!  And not to be forgotten, my hunny made blueberry pancakes with blueberry syrup.
Whipped cream on top

We also had a musical parade.
Everyone grabbed an instrument and began playing.

It was quite lovely....loud, but fun


27 March 2013

Finally Made

I don't know what possessed me,
well, maybe it was my new library book.
I was on a roll...
and the kids were playing so well together
I made Granola (for the 1st time)
Granola Bars...well, I had out all the ingredients

My hunny came home with a new 1950's tricycle for the littles 
for me a new red stool

My stool was claimed by someone other than myself


Reminders for My Week

I love quotes....they make my day a little brighter
Complete with a Grocery List