30 June 2007

Saturday Party:

Happy Birthday again, Oscar.
We had a house full of little ones attached to their mothers, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and us the parents.
The first shot here is after everyone had eaten....it was a full table!
O got some really neat things that he will enjoy playing with for a while.
The bottom picture is a fan that spins and lights up "Go Dawgs" received by his great grandmother.
So, my little dear one, Happy Birthday!

28 June 2007

Happy Birthday Oscar!

The day before Oscar's Birthday, we took him to his 1st ever baseball game to see the Braves!
So, here is a pic that a tourist, from the north, yet thet were Braves fans, took for us. I think I was saying "Braves". Silly expression from me!
Yesterday, for Oscar's Birthday, we went to the park...this park has bears, bobcats, deer, alligators, owls...tons of different animals, of course, all caged. But Oscar likes it none the less.
Off to plan the party for Saturday!
Take Care!

17 June 2007

Happy Papa's Day!

To all the papas out there, hope you had a lovely day!

Whew! I made it, my second day posting.
Today seemed to be the hottest day of the year. I guess this is a taste of the summer to come.
Playing outside in the hot humid weather.

We are lucky, my parents and my husbands parents both live about one hour away, so we got a chance to meet with both the families this weekend.
At my parents house we hung out around the table talking, then venturing down to the water.
We threw some bread in the lake so my Oscar, my son, who is turning 2 very soon, could see some fish. We played in the boat and did more talking.

Here is a lovely pic of my dearest Oscar hanging out in the chair.

15 June 2007

My First Day

Well, today starts my first day blogging.
I wanted to start this blog so that I can have a living record of my pregnancy, this time around.
I am a soap and candle maker and I love to create things. I also love photography and the outdoors. So this space is for me to show my creations......