11 December 2007

Our First Fire

Here are some recent pictures from our first fire in our fireplace.

We've had the foreplace for over 3 years, ever since we moved in. But we've just recently had the gas line taken out...so I thought "duh!" we can have a real fire!!
We are thrilled and very excited.
Eating freshly made Vanilla Pudding, knitting around the fire....ahhhhh.....

Recipe for Vanilla Pudding, so simple.
1 1/2 Cups milk
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/8 tsp salt
Heat above until very hot.
in 1/2 cup cold milk add 2 tbsp cornstarch or arrowroot powder
add to hot milk
stir, stir, stir until thick.
when slightly cooled, add 1/2 cup pudding into cup with a cracked egg, mix, then add to hot pudding.
add vanilla extract.
Serve with pomegranite seeds or plain....

Oh, and playing one of my old time favorites! Really gets you in the Holiday Spirit!! :)

And here's the little one doing the fire dance.....looks just like his papa when he dances!

05 December 2007

Oscar takes the camera!

I love little shots like this and can't seem to erase them from my camera!
So, here are some good and not so good shot from the little one...enjoy!

Ok, that's probably enough......I could go on!

01 December 2007


I went for a short trip up to the mountains a couple weeks ago, and I'm about due for another trip!
I love to visit friends, the local coffee shop, Sweetwater Coffee in Sautee and go to the rock shop, where we always come out of there with pockets full of rocks!
It's grounding....breathing fresh air, driving around the mountain....
Ahhhh....I must go soon.


Here are a few candles that were made for upcoming events.

Some for Holiday Markets, some for orders, some for gifts.....enough said.

Yarn+Needles=Leg Warmers

I heart this yarn!
I thought I was growing tired of it when kniting my first leg warmer, but it soon passed.
It has so much depth to it...
I tried to show you with an up-close picture, but I don't think it does the yarn justice.
The yarn is from a shop in Dahlongea, Magical Threads, which I want to add is very Magical!!
It's a older house converted into a quilting and yarn shop, just beautiful!
The yarn is Berroco here.

So, I finished one, which you will see at the end of this and I'm on to the next!
I started off knitting my leg warmers, which led to ribbing, b/c the end was curling. Then I thought I wanted to knit the whole warmer. So, I then started knitting after the ribbing.....nope, not what I wanted to do. I decided from then on I would rib the whole rest of the way.
So, they have a little character....just what I asked for!

Off with the second!

And here she is....a little longer than I anticipated, so, call them thigh warmers!

18 November 2007


Yum, I just love to fix this. Whether being for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
As for today, it was breakfast.
Homemade Vanilla Pudding with pomegrante seeds.
It just makes me feel warm and cozy and loved!
The recipe is simple, fresh raw milk, arrowroot, brown sugar, salt, vanilla and an egg if preferred.
Oh, so delicious!

14 November 2007

Knitted Ornaments

So, remember, here, I was knitting some ornaments for the Holidays, well, here are a couple that I gave away as gifts, actually, I woulnd up making ornaments for everyone this year.
I really like the way they turned out, however, they seem a little egg shaped.
Now, this may be from how I stuffed them, I haven't quite figured that out just yet.

Hopefully, by the time I get to my last it'll all have itself worked out.
I used a pretty chunky yarn and knitted on size 7 double point needles.

I did figure it out, how they ended up som egg shaped, you just had to work with them a bit, smooshing and mushing.....yep that a whole lot of pushing :)
Anyways, here's the flashback from Christmas!

Making Wine

A friend of mine and myself are attempting to make wine, again.
Well, actually this time it's decided that we are making mead; honey is better than sugar, right!?
So, we have started the process of the Scuppernong Mead.
We picked the grapes from a fellow local farmer, Jim; thanks Jim!
Then took them home and let them rippen up a bit before the stomping began.
And actually, since they were pretty ripe, the stomping did not take us too long. (yummy, up close squashed grapes!!)

We eventually added the ingredients, including the yummy local honey, received from
the Daily Co-op.
So, now the waiting game begins!
And oh, what a long wait it is going to be!
I might sneak a sip here and there to make sure the process is running smoothly, I do need to know how each step of the process taste, right?!
Of course, we did have a little eating of the grapes and making grape juice for the kids!

And, I'll keep you updated on how well it's turning out!

01 November 2007

Getting back into routine:: Halloween and Knitting


Halloween Cookies
Our Little Lion
Finished Knitting Hats!

Working on some ornaments

21 October 2007

05 October 2007

My New Scarf

Well, it's not entirely NEW!! I got it about a month ago in Florida, I can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear it.

I've been trying to keep up with blogging, but I've actually started a new job, working for Bee Natural. They make honey pot candles.
I love the job, but it's so hard to find time for myself.
After working, I come home and play house till bedtime, when both me and my son pass out!
I'm hopeful that it'll get better, this was just my first week.... :)
I'm getting ready for the Field of Greens Festival, hosted by Georgia Organics at Whippoorwill Farm in Covington.
So, I better get going....lots of soap and candles to pack!
Have a great weekend!

19 September 2007

Wo Man

Originally uploaded by lil' songbird mama
This is my son's wo man!

We were at a festival a couple weekends ago and we picked up this lovely piece from a friend of mine. (thanks for the trade!)
I was drawn to her, being the pregnant one I am.
And so was my son, obvisously.
He carries her around the house, takes her to the bathroom, to bed, to eat...all the things he does on a daily basis.
It's so adorable!
She almost as tall as he is.

There at the festival I set up my soap and candle table, while there were others selling their crafts. A woman who makes brooms and baskets, a blacksmith, whom also makes soap, and a woman who makes really rad jewelry and her husband who makes things out of wood, mostly little critters, well, I say critters, but more like the woman types.

Anyways, we had a delightful time hanging with folks and enjoying good weather and food.

18 September 2007

New paint for the Bathroom

Well, finally it's done!
New paint for the guest bathroom.
When we first moved in, there was sky blue paint everywhere: in the kitchen, bathrooms, even the outside of the house was blue!
We painted the kitchen a little over a year ago, painting it a beautiful green, sherwood green.

Since becoming pregnant again, I know what little time you have, so I am trying to get things dealt with before this little one arrives.
So, on to the guest bathroom...... here we go!

We painted the sink area a supposely "emerald blue". This color wound up being a bit darker than a periwinkle.
But still looks beautiful!
The toliet area we painted a "seaside jetty"
So, now I'm in the process of finding towels as well as curtins to bring the two rooms together.
I've learned that it's much easier to match the fabric with the paint, than vis versa!
A little bit of a learning experience.
I've got a really cool idea for little O's room.
There will be pictures!
Till next time.

12 September 2007


Well, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote, more than a month ago!

We've been to the Beach, attended my brother's engagement party, had a Birthday, found out sex of baby, a few big things.

First off the beach was lovely. Spent an entire week relaxing either at the pool or at the beach. My older brother lives in Florida and was having an engagement party for him and his lovely bride- to- be. I got to see plenty of family that I don't normally see and my brother who was just glowing with pride and happiness!

My birthday was faboulous! I spent the entire night hanging out with my hubby. We went to a very funny play that 4 students put on from the drama dept at UGA. (Positives to living in a college town) It was similar to "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Then my love took me for a slice of birthday pie and to hang out with friends. A very enjoyable evening!

Thirdly, we did find out the sex of the baby even though we were told by our dear son that it's a girl! Now, for the naming ceremony. It's much more difficult finding a name for a child than it is finding a name for an animal!

So, a lot has been going on in the Beacham household. Besides the normal routine of life.
I'll try to keep more updates on the happenings.

Take Care and Enjoy the pics!

10 August 2007

My Table for the Maternity Fair

Here it is.....after days agonizing over how to display my table, I finally found some sheets at Goodwill. A lavender, aqua and natural color.
So here are some pictures of things that I will be selling and displaying on my table.

The first is some knitted veggies just for display, since it is a baby fair, I do need a few rattles and such!

This is our lovely kitchen table with all my stuff packed up in it, behind it, beside it.....

Here is my work table, with more products!
The next two pictures are the tags I made to use for labeling the Mama and Baby's products.
I printed the For... on my computer then stamped the hand and foot print, bought at Michaels.

Here are the sheets I was talking of early bought at Goodwill, they are perfect baby colors....

Well, off to take my products to the Classic Center to set up....wish me luck! :)

08 August 2007

Baby Gender

No, I haven't found out yet.
We find out next Tuesday at our Dr's appointment.
However, I can't resist the gender games.


I have taken 4 quizes, they are say that I'm having a boy..... we'll see about that.
Oscar claims it is a girl....named Okra!

I did take one of these silly games when I first found out I was pregnant and it said girl, which was exactly what I was feeling at the time.

But, for the last week, I've began to question myself....."what if it's a boy", mind you, that I
would absolutely love that! Girl or Boy really.

Well, just 6 more days until we find out for certain, until then I will still be guessing...hum.

31 July 2007

Bed in the Kitchen

Bed in the Kitchen
Originally uploaded by lil' songbird mama
This is my dear one making a bed in the kitchen.
He has made this out of brown paper box filler and daddy's shirt as a
What an imagination O has...always using that brain to think of new ways to do things!

20 July 2007

Candle Time

Here are some recent candles I made.
I love the colors...everytime I make candles I tweak the formula just a bit.
To this batch I did the regular soy and beeswax but about only 5% beeswax.
The colors turn out so much brighter and I think the candle burns more smoothly.
Not to say that with more beeswax that the colors aren't beautiful, just a bit muted.
I hope to make more candles this weekend...although I'm making a quilt for my son and later for the one-to-be.
And I just picked up some fabrics I got from a fellow freecycler.
So maybe, I'll be sewing a bit this weekend as well!
Hope you have a good one!