19 September 2007

Wo Man

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This is my son's wo man!

We were at a festival a couple weekends ago and we picked up this lovely piece from a friend of mine. (thanks for the trade!)
I was drawn to her, being the pregnant one I am.
And so was my son, obvisously.
He carries her around the house, takes her to the bathroom, to bed, to eat...all the things he does on a daily basis.
It's so adorable!
She almost as tall as he is.

There at the festival I set up my soap and candle table, while there were others selling their crafts. A woman who makes brooms and baskets, a blacksmith, whom also makes soap, and a woman who makes really rad jewelry and her husband who makes things out of wood, mostly little critters, well, I say critters, but more like the woman types.

Anyways, we had a delightful time hanging with folks and enjoying good weather and food.

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  1. That's quite the wo-man. I found your blog! Where is that pillow...?

    I may have to start up again on livejournal.

    See you soon!

    - Sarah B