10 November 2013


 You are learning to use more words.
"Nono" is one of your favorites.
You hear it a lot from one of your brothers.
You like to have a seat on the floor for a snack.
You are my sweetheart!

 I got you a new drawing book.
How to draw Dragons.
You are totally immersed.
I adore all that you are...
You are my sweetheart!

Dear Giggles.
You played hard at the park this weekend.
And you jumped up on the big kid swings like you knew what you were doing.
I think it's the haircut, 
making you seem older.
You are my sweetheart!

My Love to you Always!

06 November 2013

Finding Joy

My little one got his 1st official hair cut.
At the Barber Shop.
He looks so handsome and 
so grown up!


05 November 2013

04 November 2013

More Halloweening

Three hoodlums trying to pick up this huge pumpkin.  ha!



 Scary Bear!

This year.
We painted our pumpkins and stuck sticker faces to them.
It was actually fun and a lot less stressful.
Maybe we will get around to carving them before Thanksgiving.
I would actually like to cook up some seeds.
I heard of lots of great recipes!
brown sugar and butter, roasted sriracha seeds,
chia roasted, curried...oh, the list goes on!

Hope your Halloween was Spooky!

This last photo was from last year.
My, how times have changed.
Another year older.
                                                                        All of us!

Until next time

03 November 2013


 That Smile.
Oh, you don't know how it makes my heart swell.
We went pumpkin picking and you wanted to pick up the biggest pumpkins.
You also wanted to pose next to all of them.

 A man in charge.
You ran around with your brothers so happy and carefree.
You are so helpful and caring.

We stayed extra time so that you could run more.
Then we headed to the playground.
More running and playing.
You picked quite a few pumpkins out to bring home.
To throw.

Happy Halloween Buggies!