25 April 2013

Loving One Another

I love days like these
Waking up to giggles and happy faces
Breakfast is served
Everyone is fat and happy

The day is a sunny one
Not too hot
Just right

We play
All day

And love one another


24 April 2013

Love Letter Wednesday

Enjoying some outdoor time today!

23 April 2013


I am so enjoying our home.  
Not having been here but just 8 months, we have not been able to experience Spring.  
We have been flowered upon from the Bradford Pear Trees.  
It looks like a wedding has appeared over the course of the day.  
So beautiful!

 The weather has been such that we usually prefer no clothes
we roll in the cool sheets.

It feels so wonderful to have the soft dirt beneath our feet.
The boys and I have tilled up 4 of the 7 garden beds
 hoping to get some veggies and flowers grown this year.
They sure have a list of what they want to grow;
tomatoes, melon, cucumbers, strawberries, oranges,
eggplant, squash, okra, corn... and many many more!

 We celebrated a little egg dying and some bunny ears over the Holidays.

There is always time for some iced chai and embroidery
especially for one that was on a trip to California all week!

Happy Tuesday!

22 April 2013

Plant Walk

It was such a beautiful day.  
I loaded the youngin' on my back and brought the older ones outside for a plant walk.  
Since moving to this home in August,
we have not seen it through the Spring.
 There were 23 plants, flowers and trees blooming!
And figs!!  
Figs are coming in too!

Happy Monday!

11 April 2013

Love Letter Thursday

I realized I hadn't posted a Love Letter from my hunney in a while...
I treasure each one of these as they are created with much care.
Mr Wolfe leaves a Love Letter each and every time he leaves home, even just for the day.
A book is in the works
A Book of Love