30 May 2009

Summer...Bring It On!

we've got our shade...

we've got our swing...

we've got our smoothies

we've got our Fizzy Orange

and I've got a new knit for a family vacation in the near near future!

.....so go ahead and bring on the heat, we're armed!

29 May 2009

Love Story

I found this on another blog
and just found it really beautiful and wanted to share.
Hope you enjoy as much as I have....

Have a lovely weekend!

27 May 2009

Strawberry Sorbet

Since it is, or soon will be strawberry season, I just thought I would share this delicious
Strawberry Sorbet recipe from Apples for Jam.
It's good with a dollop of whipped cream, fresh strawberries or just plain.
This recipe makes enough to share with friends and family, if you so desire.

Enjoy....and happy hump day!

26 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Outside Playin'

As I have said before, my recipe for sanity is to
"take it outside!" (and run in for your camera)

create an outside picnic area, covered and shaded. add ambiance, books, food, knitting.
Above candle is an Oscar creation, a surprise gift after returning home from the grands.
I did have to beg to light it and it is really lovely, I love the (vintage) buttons!

With Oscar's homeschooling group, we took a field trip out to our beloved Alpaca Farm.

and saw our favorite, Prize.

All the kids participated in making their own felted bookmarks.
ah, and speaking of felt and alpacas. Our very own Prize is finally finished!
We returned home and he was stuffed and sewn back together.

Hope you are well stuffed with love

25 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Pickin'

Well, besides noses....
It's strawberry season!

Hello, strawberry sorbet, ice cream, smoothies!

On the opposite side of the strawberries is the animal farm. There were baby chicks, peacocks, goats, cows, donkeys. I didn't get pictures of most of these because when we went, there was a school of kids chasing the animals all over. The cow and goats sure were friendly and cute though!

Hope you have had a lovely long weekend!

24 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Dancin'

One of my all time favorite things to do is to attend the Memorial Day weekend Pow-Wow.
It's held every year at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds.
We always leave with a fresh sense of culture, and maybe a new eagle hat and some herbs.

I, personally go for the dancing. Listening to the drums and singing are just really calming and beautiful.

Here's to a fresh start and bikini weather!

23 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Six

skipping through the dandelions

and visiting with friends at the farmers market

Hope you are having a lovely little weekend!

21 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Five

Making and Creating:

making lemonaid from the lemons life hands us on occassions

And making something sweet always from our hearts:
notice the awaiting eyes, his hands were not far away.

Greek yogurt with oranges from Apples for Jam

I did get a high five after the snack was devalured

Making Mama Day cards

And lastly remember this project Oscar and I were working on?
Well, it finally made its way back around through the mess of art.

I attached the gum balls with fishing wire onto an old paintbrush and hung it from our kitchen chandlier that I have wanted to replace. This will disguise it until something better comes along.

have a swell week friends

17 May 2009

To You

Here's to you Paul
We will all miss you dearly, friend

14 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Four

Juicing up some yummy veggies; carrots, celery and apples, oh my!

playing some outdoor sports: soccer practice, finishing up this week

some t-ball practice at home

and running the bases at the Gwinnett Braves game....
fun fun fun!

Have a lovely weekend...

13 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Three

Getting ready for the Athens Indie Craftstravaganzaa
as well as the Athens Farmers Market

Making soap cakes

having a bee come to visit my table....very sweet!

And I'm onto yet another of Paulo's books, The Devil and Miss Prym
I'm hooked on Paulo Coelho's writing...
some may call it addiction!

here's to book addiction!

12 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Two

outdoor painting

hanging with friends

and doing some indoor rainy day dancing!

11 May 2009

What'cha doing :: One

I have too many pictures and so much going on, as we all do in Spring, that I'm having trouble catching up. So I until I get caught up I'm going to start this little series of
What'cha Doing?

pictures of play ahead

Hiding in the tall grass
it is actually a really good hiding spot, I've been puzzled a few times to the where abouts of Oscar!

Catching some critters

and some chickens!



watching flowers bloom....

making fairy houses with found moss in our yard

and pickin flowers

O and I planted flower seeds today so hopefully soon I will have some pictures to put up.

have a lovely day friends!