11 May 2009

What'cha doing :: One

I have too many pictures and so much going on, as we all do in Spring, that I'm having trouble catching up. So I until I get caught up I'm going to start this little series of
What'cha Doing?

pictures of play ahead

Hiding in the tall grass
it is actually a really good hiding spot, I've been puzzled a few times to the where abouts of Oscar!

Catching some critters

and some chickens!



watching flowers bloom....

making fairy houses with found moss in our yard

and pickin flowers

O and I planted flower seeds today so hopefully soon I will have some pictures to put up.

have a lovely day friends!

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful happy boy! I love all the creation happening everywhere. It inspires me to put down my textbooks and pick up a shovel/paintbrush/fabric :)