25 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Pickin'

Well, besides noses....
It's strawberry season!

Hello, strawberry sorbet, ice cream, smoothies!

On the opposite side of the strawberries is the animal farm. There were baby chicks, peacocks, goats, cows, donkeys. I didn't get pictures of most of these because when we went, there was a school of kids chasing the animals all over. The cow and goats sure were friendly and cute though!

Hope you have had a lovely long weekend!


  1. cute!! Hope there is still fun stuff going on when we get back at the first of August.

  2. oh, so jealous that you are already doing strawberries!!!! we have WEEKS before we'll be doing that around here!

  3. Oh we still need to get over there! We've been so busy I almost forgot!