26 May 2009

What'cha doing :: Outside Playin'

As I have said before, my recipe for sanity is to
"take it outside!" (and run in for your camera)

create an outside picnic area, covered and shaded. add ambiance, books, food, knitting.
Above candle is an Oscar creation, a surprise gift after returning home from the grands.
I did have to beg to light it and it is really lovely, I love the (vintage) buttons!

With Oscar's homeschooling group, we took a field trip out to our beloved Alpaca Farm.

and saw our favorite, Prize.

All the kids participated in making their own felted bookmarks.
ah, and speaking of felt and alpacas. Our very own Prize is finally finished!
We returned home and he was stuffed and sewn back together.

Hope you are well stuffed with love


  1. "Outsi'e" was one of scout's first words and he still loves to be outside in all weathers - I agree with you - it so good to be outside...

  2. that is the only way i know to stay sane but is hard when you live in a neighborhood like i do. the kids swim a lot because there is a pool but no yard and not even allowed to have a garden. does it sound like i am excited to get back to athens?

  3. Aww, sweet pictures! Looks like your days are filled with fun!