24 June 2009

Summer Daze

With the weather being so hot and humid here, we have been challenged with finding new things to do indoors. I have made a few trips up to the attic, bringing down toys that were put up last year; vacuum cleaners and trucks. Oscar has had his first game of Jenga, a game that I haven't played in years!

I'm still enjoying the two: an indoor gardenia flower and my fizzy orange. And since nobody likes them I don't have to share!

Have a lovely hump day!

22 June 2009

To Myself

I have a day off today. Grammie has relieved me of my mama duties for a whole day. It is much needed and much appreciated!
I have a bunch of things planned, and hopes of getting things squared away. Like for one my M.I.L.K purse finished and birthday details in order. Yes, we have a birthday this weekend! I am very excited and so is he!

Do you see a theme here?
We'll be having a galloping birthday weekend, starting with a Gwinnett Braves game on Friday night.
So, I must not be wasting any time, (as O says) and get busy painting and chocolate cake makin'!
Have a lovely week friends, hope to make it back this week to share with you some exciting news coming up here on Songbird!

19 June 2009

Things I am Lovin'

This last couple days with my camera in tow, I have been taking shots and saying "I'm loving this".
So, I found it appropriate that I have a post of things that I am lovin'.

....and there are many things I am lovin' right now!

vegetable salad dinner cooked from Feeding the Whole Family

Oscar's love for painting

fresh flowers from the garden
as well as our first eggplant!

homemade cookies....the ones that have to rest in the fridge for 36hours
but so worth the wait!

first picked blueberries of the season, which make for simple snacks

the very first sightings of blackberries
and new seedlings in my flower garden

the fresh scent of gardenia at my back door

the smell of homemade bread rising and baking

a new painting hung in the kitchen

and some thrifting done today with my favorite shopping man!

I am loving this season of outdoors, hope you are too!

16 June 2009

The Indian Ruins

I think the highlight of the trip was taking a day off to travel around. We headed up towards Flagstaff, stopping by Arcosanti. The people there made some amazing bells!

From Arcosanti we headed north to see some ancient indian ruins in the desert. Oscar loved going into each room and guessing what each was. Many of them had small windows that looked out onto the mountians.

words cannot describe the feelings that were felt up there in the house.
sitting watching the sunset over the mountains.
very powerful, indeed.

15 June 2009

Sunset Crater

This was such a magical place for us to visit. Sunset Crater happened over 1,000 years ago and you could still feel the energy of the people and the land. The plants and trees have recently taken root through the cooled lava. It was simply amazing to see how much land was truly affected by the volcanos. Every visible mountain was a volcano that had erupt and they were all pretty much was covered with lava.

lava fields covered much of the land

not O's favorite but right up there in close 2nd!

14 June 2009

home again

We had an amazing time in Arizona last week! We came prepared for the plane ride, thanks to an early birthday present Oscar received before we left town. Thanks Katie!

Oscar and walked the town of Phoenix, finding a Children's Museum on Monday. We spent 5 hours in the 3 level playground running through noodles, shopping with kid-sized shopping carts, sliding through tunnels, riding tricycles through car washes and making art. It was truly amazing and I'll be in search of one closer to home!

With Chad at work during most of the day, O and I ventured around town, hung out in the hotel, bouncing on the beds, swimming, eating, drawing the pigeons in the park, visited the desert, the mountains, danced and slept. We were so incredibly lucky to share this experience with each other and I hope for many more adventures like this one! As Oscar said last week, "I will go visit other countries with you!"

I have a few more pictures I'd like to share. So stay tuned in the next week for Oscar's favorite place, the Indian Ruins.

10 June 2009


Well, we are packed and probably gone by now.
The lists have been checked, rechecked and rechecked. We've never been on this road before, having to pack with a child to fly on an airplane. There is not enough space for all his animals and toys to go.
And my MILK purse, (money, id, lipstick, keys) did not get finished to take out west. So, this will be my little project to work on in the plane and airport and probably just about anywhere I sit.
This will be Oscar's first airplane trip. We are very excited to take this little adventure together.
I hope to have many stories and lots and lots of pictures to show when we return!

Until then, have a lovely week friends!

09 June 2009


Come Play With Me!

08 June 2009


Before our big trip out west, we headed up to the mountains for a celebration for my little brothers birthday. We had a lovely dinner at the Oar House in Dahlonega and topped it off with some strawberry sorbet and chocolate ice cream.

Back at the folk's house, we found a little bird's nest right at top of a column.

...and explored around the grand's house while killing some time. We found lots of buttons, a train whistle, family paintings and art.

Until we meet again, have a lovely day and Happy Birthday Chris!

07 June 2009

Market Visit and Packin

Our weekend would not be complete without the morning spent at the Athens Farmers Market.
Oh my, there are the most delicious of foods being served. Fresh Berry Pie, Quiche, Blueberry Limeaide, Scones, Fresh Breads, Veggies, Crafts

And of course fresh coffee, how could I forget that, Our favorite local coffee, 1000 faces.

Hope you had a lovely weekend friends!