22 June 2009

To Myself

I have a day off today. Grammie has relieved me of my mama duties for a whole day. It is much needed and much appreciated!
I have a bunch of things planned, and hopes of getting things squared away. Like for one my M.I.L.K purse finished and birthday details in order. Yes, we have a birthday this weekend! I am very excited and so is he!

Do you see a theme here?
We'll be having a galloping birthday weekend, starting with a Gwinnett Braves game on Friday night.
So, I must not be wasting any time, (as O says) and get busy painting and chocolate cake makin'!
Have a lovely week friends, hope to make it back this week to share with you some exciting news coming up here on Songbird!


  1. I think I need to make myself a MILK purse. I ended up storing all sorts of junk in my purse just because there's room for it!

  2. oh MY, a WHOLE DAY to myself. i think i would be lost ..... happy horsing around!