19 June 2009

Things I am Lovin'

This last couple days with my camera in tow, I have been taking shots and saying "I'm loving this".
So, I found it appropriate that I have a post of things that I am lovin'.

....and there are many things I am lovin' right now!

vegetable salad dinner cooked from Feeding the Whole Family

Oscar's love for painting

fresh flowers from the garden
as well as our first eggplant!

homemade cookies....the ones that have to rest in the fridge for 36hours
but so worth the wait!

first picked blueberries of the season, which make for simple snacks

the very first sightings of blackberries
and new seedlings in my flower garden

the fresh scent of gardenia at my back door

the smell of homemade bread rising and baking

a new painting hung in the kitchen

and some thrifting done today with my favorite shopping man!

I am loving this season of outdoors, hope you are too!

1 comment:

  1. thanks for your kind comment.

    i really enjoyed your list of loves. isn't summer wonderful?