10 June 2009


Well, we are packed and probably gone by now.
The lists have been checked, rechecked and rechecked. We've never been on this road before, having to pack with a child to fly on an airplane. There is not enough space for all his animals and toys to go.
And my MILK purse, (money, id, lipstick, keys) did not get finished to take out west. So, this will be my little project to work on in the plane and airport and probably just about anywhere I sit.
This will be Oscar's first airplane trip. We are very excited to take this little adventure together.
I hope to have many stories and lots and lots of pictures to show when we return!

Until then, have a lovely week friends!


  1. Did you finish it? I wanna see!

  2. ha! no I still haven't finished it! it's sock yarn which takes forever... very soon though, very soon!