17 October 2010

This Season

kitchen corner pic

pomegranites pic

halloween pic

bday cake pic

Fall, oh how I love thee. I love the energy you supply me with to get along with my day, for the cool crisp mornings, the warm teas I can now feel good drinking, for my birthday, close friends and family that surround and love me, for cool rides out to the countryside, and for the season for pomagranites!
I am feeling very grateful to be right here right now.

11 October 2010

Missing You

I am returning after a long break. I have been thinking about this space for a while and really missing the time I spent here.
It took almost a year but I think things have calmed down a bit for a while.
Oscar and I have made our final move, (well, for at least a year) into a home not far from where we started. We are very happy here with a big yard, grass, clean water and enough space in our home to add a dear person to me, Dave.


We have been enjoying our new relationship, taking trips to the mountains, attending and vending at local Fall Festivals and busy making our new house a home.

songbird soaps board

Now, just a few things that on my mind, like here , here and here.
More on this later....

Until then