11 October 2010

Missing You

I am returning after a long break. I have been thinking about this space for a while and really missing the time I spent here.
It took almost a year but I think things have calmed down a bit for a while.
Oscar and I have made our final move, (well, for at least a year) into a home not far from where we started. We are very happy here with a big yard, grass, clean water and enough space in our home to add a dear person to me, Dave.


We have been enjoying our new relationship, taking trips to the mountains, attending and vending at local Fall Festivals and busy making our new house a home.

songbird soaps board

Now, just a few things that on my mind, like here , here and here.
More on this later....

Until then


  1. Hi Ansley,

    It's nice to see you here! I'm not on FB anymore and was wondering what your life was like nowadays. The important thing is you have clean water. A home and people you love are good too. :)

    I really like this sign, who made the wooden carved part at the top??

  2. Forgot to say that I am now on Etsy too, and here on your blog was the first place I ever heard of Etsy.....


  3. a very warm welcome back to this space!
    it is nice to hear from you again, i'm so happy to hear you are well : )

  4. it's great to see you writing, i think of you often and wish you well...(and o too)

  5. thank you garden mama for the warm wishes!

    Erin~ Dave has made me my Songbird signs...he does a fabulous job!

    FG~ I'm always thinking about you guys!