30 March 2011

Finding Rhythm and Inspiration.

Finding Life's rhythm can be rough after having a child or a change in your daily routine.
Up until I had Zeke I had very little energy to do basic things, putting on socks, doing laundry, making dinner... everything was an ordeal.

Sometimes, I can get lost in finding balance in everyday chores (washing dishes, clothes, diapers, making meals) and finding motivation needed to start a project. So, this week I set out to stimulate some creativity in my life.

Whether this means painting my nails, listening to good music or finding a new do for my hair....sometimes it's just the little things that can change your mood and give you the inspiration you need!

So, below I put together a list of some inspiration that helped me out this week:

These beautiful cream colored dress!

This is very intriguing...I will be following daily.
Make a Book a Day

Wearing my hair up like this....because wearing it down my hair
gets caught on tiny little fingers!


Dressing up, even when I just stay at home the whole day

mama and <span class=

These little packs make me want to go back to school.

Painting my nails.

nail polish

Mr Wolfe's interpretation of Little Zeke
(he always knows how to make me laugh! and happy, bringing these tickets home!)

z drawing

Until next time...

27 March 2011

New In Town.

There is a new cupcake place in town and it has gotten the better of me. Especially after having a baby, I have such a sweet tooth!

gigis cupcakes

I have had quite a few and looking at the website....the Mellow Cream is looking way too good right now!

strawberry malt

This is Oscar's favorite, the Strawberry Malt. I think it took him 4 days to eat the whole thing! They are that big!

On another note, I am preparing for the Athens Farmers Market that starts THIS Saturday!!

farmers market flowers

So, off I go...
Ahhh...and some baby love

cocooned zeke

I think he really likes his cocoon!!

26 March 2011

Our First Outing.

Little Zeke turned a week old, Daddy Wolfe and I ventured outdoors for our very first outing since coming home with out little bundle. Although Little Zeke didn't even realize he was anywhere besides his bed, Mr Wolfe and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The weather was so perfect, sunny and warm. We decided after sitting outdoors at the restaurant for way too long we would go hang out at the coffee shop.

first day out

first outing, zeke

On another note; I have totally been living off of this:

pavlovas, tea and smoothie


Ok, not just this but definitely a smoothie and Mother's Milk tea every morning. The Pavlovas are just an added treat!

Stay tuned for some Zeke sweetness!

22 March 2011


My Egg Belly went from this...

bellylovin pic

to this....little bundle of sweetness...

baby zeke

Zeke Wolfe

6 March 2011

9lbs and 9oz

02 March 2011


Today I am remembering those I have dearly loved and lost