20 August 2009

A Love for Horses

For those that didn't already know, my son has a love for horses. So when he asked for riding lessons, I obliged. He started 3 weeks ago and he still loves it. I really wasn't sure whether it was just a fantasy or if it would stick. But as you see it has stuck, which is just fine by me. I love being out there with him and watching him do what he loves.

Before riding the teacher helps O prep his horse by brushing, cleaning and saddling (when necessary).

His second lesson and he is riding bareback. His teacher says she practices this so that the kids can learn balance. Which was great practice because due to a tired horse that didn't want to be ridden in 100 degree heat, she began to buck. Luckily, he was not thrown off and rode her for the rest of class.

His third riding lesson he is riding Romeo again, which he loves.

and since cousin Sage is visiting us, he gets to ride also!

This is Bell, she was very interested in my camera. So, she posed for a few shots.

Now, with the house to myself this morning, it's off to work!
wish me a productive day!

18 August 2009


On Saturday night
the boys headed out for some ball lovin',

returning home well past bedtime. With excitement running through Oscar's veins, he was happy to report that he was given a ball.

'Not caught', he says, but given a ball from the ball boy, which made no difference.
It made his day.

Sunday we were driving to pick up cousin Sage.
We saw this riding down the road!
Fat Tire and Rebel Rose. These bikers were the cutest! I'm sure they would not call themselves this but they were.

Check out biker woman's pink leather pants! She had a matching pink helmet with spikes going down the middle. I love it!

Meeting up with Sage, we headed to the water park. My, I haven't been to one of those in soo long! Hanging out with little people at the water park, I remember now what I felt like when I was a kid. I was so much fun!

Note to self, even though I may feel younger, my body is not and I shouldn't go on all the slides!

njoying life.....hope you are too!

17 August 2009

Flower Love

We set out last weekend on a trip to be one with nature and to do something different. So, we found ourselves at the UGA Trail Gardens surrounded by so many beautiful flowers. I love this time of year for its colorful, wispy, delicate flowers. So, I leave you with flowers from Georgia.

See the little grasshopper above?

one of my very favorite flowers!

another one of my favs!

Stop and smell the roses and have a lovely day!

16 August 2009

Market Love

I love my local farmers market, there is an abundance for freshly grown vegetables that are grown just miles away. I love to smell freshly roasted coffee, cut flowers and baked breads. It's always a positive place to be running into friends, kids riding bikes. To hear dogs barking, music flowing through the air and people laughing with friends.

~Here's a few from our local Saturday market~

Hope you too are enjoying your market and having a lovely weekend!

14 August 2009

Peaches For Ice Cream

I love seasonal fruits. I love to stock up on them, freezing them, baking with them, making them into the unknown. Blackberries have recently left us as well as blueberries, which we have a freezer full of, now onto peaches.
I love some juicy, sweet peaches, the kind that drip from your mouth all the way to your elbow, kind of juicy. So, we trotted down to the local orchard and picked up a couple gallon peaches, ate some peach ice cream there and returned home to make more. So yummy!

hope you have a cone of some peach ice cream or just a peachy day!

13 August 2009

Old Round Thing For Painting

I have had this green round thing for probably over 5 years. And it has traveled with us from house to house. I have always said this will make a great surface for painting, well last week it did!
Oscar pulled it out from under the couch for the 10th time, and it was decided that we would both paint on it. I had one side, he had the other. It was mandatory that I paint a rainbow, he told me to. Not thinking anything would come about this and it would get put right back under the couch, I agreed and started painting.

Needless to say, we love the final outcome!