18 August 2009


On Saturday night
the boys headed out for some ball lovin',

returning home well past bedtime. With excitement running through Oscar's veins, he was happy to report that he was given a ball.

'Not caught', he says, but given a ball from the ball boy, which made no difference.
It made his day.

Sunday we were driving to pick up cousin Sage.
We saw this riding down the road!
Fat Tire and Rebel Rose. These bikers were the cutest! I'm sure they would not call themselves this but they were.

Check out biker woman's pink leather pants! She had a matching pink helmet with spikes going down the middle. I love it!

Meeting up with Sage, we headed to the water park. My, I haven't been to one of those in soo long! Hanging out with little people at the water park, I remember now what I felt like when I was a kid. I was so much fun!

Note to self, even though I may feel younger, my body is not and I shouldn't go on all the slides!

njoying life.....hope you are too!


  1. u r so funny! i love keeping up! please o please let's play soon....andd i still so much want to buy some soap!

  2. Its a shame our bodies wont let us stay children. I visited a water park recently with my children determined to go on all the rides not having any babies with me. Lets just say i had to lay down in the shade for a few hours with some ice on my head and a few bottles of water.
    I still went on all of them anyway despite what my body said!