13 August 2009

Old Round Thing For Painting

I have had this green round thing for probably over 5 years. And it has traveled with us from house to house. I have always said this will make a great surface for painting, well last week it did!
Oscar pulled it out from under the couch for the 10th time, and it was decided that we would both paint on it. I had one side, he had the other. It was mandatory that I paint a rainbow, he told me to. Not thinking anything would come about this and it would get put right back under the couch, I agreed and started painting.

Needless to say, we love the final outcome!


  1. Its wonderful. Certainly needs to go on a wall. Now i need to find one of those. Lol do you have any idea on what it actually is? Looks a bit like a tray

  2. thank you N!
    I really couldn't tell you what it is...It's wicker that was apparently painted green, and the only thing I can figure is that maybe it was top of a table, not a very sturdy one though!

  3. SO cute, Ansley! YOu and O did a great job. Miss you!