20 August 2009

A Love for Horses

For those that didn't already know, my son has a love for horses. So when he asked for riding lessons, I obliged. He started 3 weeks ago and he still loves it. I really wasn't sure whether it was just a fantasy or if it would stick. But as you see it has stuck, which is just fine by me. I love being out there with him and watching him do what he loves.

Before riding the teacher helps O prep his horse by brushing, cleaning and saddling (when necessary).

His second lesson and he is riding bareback. His teacher says she practices this so that the kids can learn balance. Which was great practice because due to a tired horse that didn't want to be ridden in 100 degree heat, she began to buck. Luckily, he was not thrown off and rode her for the rest of class.

His third riding lesson he is riding Romeo again, which he loves.

and since cousin Sage is visiting us, he gets to ride also!

This is Bell, she was very interested in my camera. So, she posed for a few shots.

Now, with the house to myself this morning, it's off to work!
wish me a productive day!


  1. This is so wonderful! What great pictures & memories! I love to see Oscar finding a passion like this! And he has a good seat on his horse too--a natural!


  2. It's so funny because the horses must be huge next to him! :)

  3. aww how cute! what cute pictures you took! you and your son have fun!

  4. What a great idea! Horses ROCK!!!

  5. We miss you too, Ansley. As Ben gets busier, E and I might make more visits out to Athens. Love the pics of O and the horses. Your photography skills are so wonderful!

  6. Beautiful photos mama!
    Such a brave boy to ride, that certainly takes confidence. What a beautiful time it must be for you to watch him connecting with himself and with these lovely animals.