11 August 2009

Cement for Stones

Looking for inspiration we headed out to our local art supply store and to Michaels. Loaded up on some enthusiasm and art projects we set home to create.

Oscar made a stone for his rock garden placing shells, (cherry and peach) seeds, yarn, family pictures and screws from the bike (can't forget those) that I ran over into his stepping stone master piece. It was a quick fun project that he is very proud of.

Looking forward to a summer theme of turning one ingredient into another .:. if that makes any sense!
hopefully it'll get me through this hot hot summer quicker!


  1. What a wonderful stone for your rock garden Oscar. I love the coin? and part of the starfish

  2. Oh that is really sweet. We have all the supplies sitting here for this project and just haven't done it. Thanks for reminding me!!

  3. Those always look fun! I would love to do one!