20 November 2011

Happy Beginnings

Another market down...
farmers market
 6 more to go!

Last weeks goal didn't go so well.
3 batches of soap to make.
One was made.
New goal for this week,
2 batches of soap.
Pray for me, it's the holidays!

 Other news, we now have a stair climber on our hands...

we have a leopard who has payed up a visit
I think he's here to stay awhile
happy beginnings of the week

15 November 2011


This time of year is filled with many Holiday Markets.
Too many for me to keep up with!
Yet, I make it.
My set up is a bit more involved than the regular vendor.  

 It's more like my living room picked up and dropped off at market location.

 I sling, feed, nurse, nap and play in this area from the time market starts to its ending.

(Luckily for us, this market we were placed in a sunny spot.)
An outside market with freezing temps is not any fun, especially with baby!

As much work as it is to get prepared for, organized, to get set up and sit outdoors all day,
I continue to be inspired and deeply honored to be involved in such talent.
And I thank those responsible for getting the markets put together.
I feel blessed to be engulfed in such a wonderful community full of talent, wisdom and beauty!

So, to that I say
Shop and Buy Local this Holiday Season
Support your Local Community and Artist!

Feeling Blessed...

13 November 2011

Love Letter

love letter

It's Sunday
Thank goodness!

12 November 2011


Off to another festival this weekend

Leaving you with this juicy fridge note



08 November 2011

After the Storm

A couple months ago I
signed up for a 3 day Festival.
As much as I was thinking
??What?? I signed up for a 3 day festival!?
I meet and hung out with some of the most incredible, sweet, lovely people and had such a great time!




All the while, my sweet kids were being cared for by my lovely wonderful helpful family.
So, upon returning home all I wanted to do was to hang out with my boys.
So, after a brief morning meeting on Monday morning with my kiddos, we decided to go outdoors and
do nothing.
And that's exactly what we did.

park entertainment4
park entertainment5
park entertainment2
park z
park entertainment

 Well, we went to the park, hung out in the grass and played frisbee.
Oscar was doing some serious entertaining!
Man, I love these kids!!

Bring it on Holiday Markets!
Happy weekend to you

02 November 2011

On a Search

On a search for some leggings.
Now that the weather has turned cooler, stockings/leggings/tights is what I wear.
Not only a way to stay warm, but also to wear some of the summer skirts that you would have normally worn with nothing underneath.

So, my findings:
Love these here 
and here
Wonderful knitted ones here

 If these were made in my size, they would totally be mine!


My research concludes that Sock Dreams has the best selection.  
Whatcha looking for?   
Polka Dots? Rainbows? Plus Sizes? Striped? Alpaca? Cable Knit? Bamboo?
Anything sock related is just a click away!
I could really do some damage to my 1800's wooden dresser AND my wallet!

Any combination of these will surely treat me right; Peacock, Algee, Space Grapes, really any of these!

If any of these are sent my way, I'll make sure you hear about it!

On another similar note, if I could really sew good, I would be making some of these!

Sleep Tight friends
sweet socks!