08 November 2011

After the Storm

A couple months ago I
signed up for a 3 day Festival.
As much as I was thinking
??What?? I signed up for a 3 day festival!?
I meet and hung out with some of the most incredible, sweet, lovely people and had such a great time!




All the while, my sweet kids were being cared for by my lovely wonderful helpful family.
So, upon returning home all I wanted to do was to hang out with my boys.
So, after a brief morning meeting on Monday morning with my kiddos, we decided to go outdoors and
do nothing.
And that's exactly what we did.

park entertainment4
park entertainment5
park entertainment2
park z
park entertainment

 Well, we went to the park, hung out in the grass and played frisbee.
Oscar was doing some serious entertaining!
Man, I love these kids!!

Bring it on Holiday Markets!
Happy weekend to you

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