29 January 2008

Tuesday: Orange

I'm really not crazy about the orange one, it was a quicky. I had to go into work today and had a lot to do....excuses excuses
I'll try to do better.

27 January 2008

Tiny Feet

Happy Sunday to you!

I was thinking about new post to blog about. Something like a theme a week kind of deal.
So, in the spirit of learning about my camera I picked a theme for the week being......drum roll...... COLORS!
I picked this particular theme because
1: During this process I'd be learning about my camera
2: I've decided to take part in this new group.
Posting a picture a day, the color depends on the day,
Monday's color is Red, Tuesday: Orange and so forth.
Today color is Black and White.
I posted this picture of Ezra's 'Tiny Feet' It was the only picture I could find in black and white on my computer and since I'm not too familiar with working with black and white, I didn't want to embarrass myself on my first day. ;)
I do need to practice a bit, we'll see in the weeks to come.

Have a truly awesome week and Enjoy!

Tiny Feet
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19 January 2008


I've been studying my camera, trying to learn what I can really do with it. I got it over a year ago and vowed to learn it by taking pictures of my everyday life. It's the kind of camera that I have always dreamed of owning. I researched them, checked them out at different stores, and finally one day I had had enough....I was buying my camera today!
So, I did and haven't regreted it since.
Anywho, enjoy the pictures....

Playing with light. (and dark)

Drivng in Athens with the beautiful sunset

This is a turtle that O's dad and I purchased for him over the holidays.
It's a turtle that has stars on its back that show constellations.
It is really so cool.
O thought it was the coolest thing and still does!
Its stars glow blue, green or an amber color.
We turn it on at night for bedtime and after 45 minutes it turns off.....
how cool is that....
it tells me what time it is to get up after putting the little one to bed!
So, below is the turtle and some tricks it can do.

Stars on O's face

Amber stars on the wall

Blue stars on the wall and ceiling

09 January 2008


I have been doing a lot of cooking around here lately.....with the boy going to school half day and the husband back at work. I actually have time to cook!!

So, here is a dish that I absolutely love.
I made the dough for the samosas a day before making the dinner and made the filling the next, binding all the ingredients together.
Here is the recipe for the Samosas, from the Moosewood Cookbook.
I also made some Gingered Carrot Soup to go along with it.
Here is the recipe.
The samosas are defiently time consuming, but worth it!
As you can see from the pictures, but recipes make a lot.
But then that's dinner for 2-3 nights!

Gingered Carrot Soup

Gingered Carrot soup getting blended!

Samosas going into the oven!

The making of the pastries.

Ah....dinner is served!

01 January 2008

Holiday Friends and Welcoming the New Year!

Here are a few little gifts the little man and I put together for our friends.
I was inspired by the idea from Angry chicken's blog here
Our friends, whom all have received, love them!
We went to town at Michaels, buying stars, letters, glue, string, clothes pins and the packaging!

O and Daddy also made chocolate covered pretzels with sprikles.... given out to all our friends and families.

All and all we had a great holiday as well as a new year!
I hope yours was just as good!

Speaking of Friends:

Here's what 's left of cooking food for somegood company!

Here we had a delightful evening with some friends; a good homemade cooked meal, good wine and beer and some good fun company!

We continue to learn and grow through our little moments we have throughout our day.
Always remembering that each is teaching us.

Peace and love, growth and change....
Wishes for the New Year....
HELLO 2008!!