01 January 2008

Holiday Friends and Welcoming the New Year!

Here are a few little gifts the little man and I put together for our friends.
I was inspired by the idea from Angry chicken's blog here
Our friends, whom all have received, love them!
We went to town at Michaels, buying stars, letters, glue, string, clothes pins and the packaging!

O and Daddy also made chocolate covered pretzels with sprikles.... given out to all our friends and families.

All and all we had a great holiday as well as a new year!
I hope yours was just as good!

Speaking of Friends:

Here's what 's left of cooking food for somegood company!

Here we had a delightful evening with some friends; a good homemade cooked meal, good wine and beer and some good fun company!

We continue to learn and grow through our little moments we have throughout our day.
Always remembering that each is teaching us.

Peace and love, growth and change....
Wishes for the New Year....
HELLO 2008!!

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