19 January 2008


I've been studying my camera, trying to learn what I can really do with it. I got it over a year ago and vowed to learn it by taking pictures of my everyday life. It's the kind of camera that I have always dreamed of owning. I researched them, checked them out at different stores, and finally one day I had had enough....I was buying my camera today!
So, I did and haven't regreted it since.
Anywho, enjoy the pictures....

Playing with light. (and dark)

Drivng in Athens with the beautiful sunset

This is a turtle that O's dad and I purchased for him over the holidays.
It's a turtle that has stars on its back that show constellations.
It is really so cool.
O thought it was the coolest thing and still does!
Its stars glow blue, green or an amber color.
We turn it on at night for bedtime and after 45 minutes it turns off.....
how cool is that....
it tells me what time it is to get up after putting the little one to bed!
So, below is the turtle and some tricks it can do.

Stars on O's face

Amber stars on the wall

Blue stars on the wall and ceiling

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  1. Those are some great pics. I love your new one nursing Oscar. Esther got a ladybug constellation nightlight for Christmas. She's not old enough to think it's cool yet, but we're enjoying it.
    BTW. I tried calling yesterday, but I don't think I have the right number. Could you email me your number so we could get together sometime soon. Hope all is well, Lady!