27 January 2008

Tiny Feet

Happy Sunday to you!

I was thinking about new post to blog about. Something like a theme a week kind of deal.
So, in the spirit of learning about my camera I picked a theme for the week being......drum roll...... COLORS!
I picked this particular theme because
1: During this process I'd be learning about my camera
2: I've decided to take part in this new group.
Posting a picture a day, the color depends on the day,
Monday's color is Red, Tuesday: Orange and so forth.
Today color is Black and White.
I posted this picture of Ezra's 'Tiny Feet' It was the only picture I could find in black and white on my computer and since I'm not too familiar with working with black and white, I didn't want to embarrass myself on my first day. ;)
I do need to practice a bit, we'll see in the weeks to come.

Have a truly awesome week and Enjoy!

Tiny Feet
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  1. I'm enjoying your picture postings. That's a great concept of color. Ezra is a beautiful name. What a sweet soul she offers, even in her absence. Take care, Mama.