31 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 17

Dreamcatcher made by my other half

Airplane made by Oscar and painted by cousin Sage and Oscar

A ring and bracelets knitted, (with help from mama) and felted.

Bracelet made by O for his cousin Sage

I am constantly amazed by my family's creativity! It inspires me
everyday as a wife, mother and as a woman!

This concludes the Feeding the Soul. I hope you were inspired by your world and what feeds your soul daily. As you can tell cousin Sage is in town, so I will return next week. Have a wonderful week!

30 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 16

Weekend Knitting
of this little guy that we met last week


See you tomorrow friends!

27 March 2009


Happy Birthday Dad!

Excuse the absence, I had a root canal earlier this week. I have been resisting rest and it has caught up to me. I'll return after a weekend of rest. Have yourself a lovely weekend!

24 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 13

Our new sprouts, soon-to-be nourishing food

23 March 2009

22 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 11

Visiting a near-by Alpaca Farm

20 March 2009

18 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 8

Spring Has Sprung
inside and out

17 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 7

and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

16 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 6

Loving one another
and the community that surounds

15 March 2009

14 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 4

handmade goodness brought back from Thailand

thanks KT

13 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 3

Dough rising for English Muffins, recipe from super eggplant found here

Water Soaked Almonds....my fav

Fresh Eggs

Popcorn smothered in almond butter and brown rice syrup
(a recipe given to me from a dear friend)

Feeding my Soul with Fresh Food Yummy Food!

12 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 2


a flower left for me on the kitchen table this morning

08 March 2009

Marching On

Good Evening!
This is going to be a longer post due to all my thoughts, not to mention pictures.
And I'm going to name them Part 1-3 to keep it better organize. There is a self portrait in the middle and a project at the end that I plan on beginning tomorrow.

Part 1: Aquarium

Yesterday, we took a trip down to the big city of Hotlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium.
It was just as big and beautiful as everyone says. Oscar and I were blessed
to have Chad go with us since it was a work day.

It was very easy to navigate through the building, so if you were to get
claustrophobic getting in and out of an area was simple.

Oscar got his very first ride on a train, the Marta train, which was by-far the highlight of his day! If asked what his favorite fish was he says, "the train".

The Beluga whales were so amazing, gracefully gliding with their big, long, white bodies. Besides the whales, my favorite was the leopard whiprays. They were like water angels just soaring along the waters floor.

Another highlight of our day was having lunch at our favorite restaurant, La Sabrosita.

Shrimp Burritos, They are a bite of heaven wrapped up in a perfect hot spicy sauce, cheese and of course, shrimp. This is mine and Chad's favorite restaurant, La Sabrosita. (the place where Chad and I got engaged, it might have been the shrimp burritos that sold me!) I took a photo of our spread, I hope it shows how much we enjoyed our dinner.

Part 2: Self Portrait Tuesday

taken at the GA Aquarium in front of an exhibit for kids

Part 3: Feeding Your Soul

Sometimes it's hard to get your soul fed when you are feeding the souls of those around you. I know it can be like that for mamas and papas who stay home with their children, or even those who don't.

So, for the month of March I have given myself a project and you are more than welcome to play along.

We need to feed ourselves to be better people, to live better lives. We feed ourselves daily with good food, company, friends and family, water, tea, our children, pets, walks, nature, crafts, cooking, knitting, painting.

So lets take note of these things, the things that feed our soul. What makes you happy, puts a smile on your face, makes you feel complete, puts fuel in your tank?

For the days left of March, I'm going to post a photo each day of something that feeds my soul, with little to no words.

And I do hope you play along, even if it's just to take notice of the people or things of
meaning in your life.

march on my friends

04 March 2009

Self Portrait Tuesday ~oops

I took some photos yesterday for SPT and forgot to post them, so without further ado......

Meet my new market tote.
I knit this together in about 2 weeks with some Peace Fleece from my stash bought over a year ago. I've been waiting for the perfect project to come along. And it did when I saw this tote a friend had knit. The pattern is from Knitty, a very simple pattern to follow, especially while entertaining a tot. I love how it turned out except for a few minor details.
Now that I've finished the tote I defiantly want to make more with the details ironed out, different colors, some bigger, some smaller......I might have to look outside of my stash!

Have a lovely hump day, or what's left of it!

03 March 2009

Hello Snow!

It snowed this weekend! I can't believe it actually snowed here. The last time I saw this amount of snow I was living elsewhere, where it gets snow every winter.
And it was O's first snow and boy he took to it immediately!

It was so beautiful to watch him interacting with something he had only read about in books.
He was so taken that we had to bribe him to some in and warm his red cold frozen hands.

We had a beautiful magical day playing in the falling snow. Friends stopped by, there was hot chocolate, wet clothes and towels thrown about and snow ball fights. O decided to be comical and throw yellow snow balls!

The dogs loved running and playing in the snow, however the chickens didn't know what to think!Our day was so full of light that the night light was taken from us. We lost power as the tofu was being sauteed. We ate by candle light, made fire, cuddled and knitted on the couch.

Here you can find more pictures from our snowy weekend.
I do hope that your weekend was a beautiful one!