04 March 2009

Self Portrait Tuesday ~oops

I took some photos yesterday for SPT and forgot to post them, so without further ado......

Meet my new market tote.
I knit this together in about 2 weeks with some Peace Fleece from my stash bought over a year ago. I've been waiting for the perfect project to come along. And it did when I saw this tote a friend had knit. The pattern is from Knitty, a very simple pattern to follow, especially while entertaining a tot. I love how it turned out except for a few minor details.
Now that I've finished the tote I defiantly want to make more with the details ironed out, different colors, some bigger, some smaller......I might have to look outside of my stash!

Have a lovely hump day, or what's left of it!


  1. I love the color choice.

  2. ooh! i like this... only just learned to knit, but that looks like something fun to tackle... i'll have to check it out. love your snow photos and your appreciation for it. i'm so GLAD it's gone here and am just praying it doesn't return!

  3. How I'd love a knitted market tote! Unfortunately I don't knit (other than a little fling with knitting in my preteen years...someday I'll learn again!)