31 March 2009

Feeding the Soul :: 17

Dreamcatcher made by my other half

Airplane made by Oscar and painted by cousin Sage and Oscar

A ring and bracelets knitted, (with help from mama) and felted.

Bracelet made by O for his cousin Sage

I am constantly amazed by my family's creativity! It inspires me
everyday as a wife, mother and as a woman!

This concludes the Feeding the Soul. I hope you were inspired by your world and what feeds your soul daily. As you can tell cousin Sage is in town, so I will return next week. Have a wonderful week!

1 comment:

  1. Ansley,

    I love to see the warmth & vitality you bring to family life...nice dreamcatcher, Chad--when I was younger I worked once at our local Cherokee festival, helping to make dreamcatchers. Such a good memory! You probably know that they would also carve dreamcatchers on the wooden 'cradles' Native women used to carry their babies on their backs...so the dreamcatcher was always above the baby's head. Can't remember the name of this contraption but it is also supposed to help posture and independence, baby engaging with the sensory world while on his mother's back. This is how they do it in Canada anyways.