03 March 2009

Hello Snow!

It snowed this weekend! I can't believe it actually snowed here. The last time I saw this amount of snow I was living elsewhere, where it gets snow every winter.
And it was O's first snow and boy he took to it immediately!

It was so beautiful to watch him interacting with something he had only read about in books.
He was so taken that we had to bribe him to some in and warm his red cold frozen hands.

We had a beautiful magical day playing in the falling snow. Friends stopped by, there was hot chocolate, wet clothes and towels thrown about and snow ball fights. O decided to be comical and throw yellow snow balls!

The dogs loved running and playing in the snow, however the chickens didn't know what to think!Our day was so full of light that the night light was taken from us. We lost power as the tofu was being sauteed. We ate by candle light, made fire, cuddled and knitted on the couch.

Here you can find more pictures from our snowy weekend.
I do hope that your weekend was a beautiful one!


  1. what a lovely day!

    we didn't go out in the snow we had - it was far too cold! 35 below zero windchills . . .

  2. thanks for the pics. we always hoped for snow in the 4 yrs we lived there. hopefully it will snow in the future 4 yrs we will be back